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Topic subjectbut thats where you're wrong
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24579, but thats where you're wrong
Posted by guest, Wed May-31-00 08:48 AM
the fact that the rest of the world (including thier descendants) celebrated Europeans as geniuses and not thieves had a very serious effect on both cultures and still continues to effect us both today."

Nobody heralded the glory of Europeans but Europeans- everybody else knew where the cultures had blended together and where influences had been gained from. They still know- we're just not taught that here.

Did Asian people consider the Europeans as geniuses- no, how bout the Africans- hell naw. Mexican and Latin american people? Native Americans? Even a lot of Europeans dont like Europeans- and the French think that everybody is stupid. again your generalization is holding a great number of cultures and communities accountable for the acts of a few nations- namely Britain, Germany, Spain, and France- be very careful when you say European, you're talking about a lot more people- the Irish, teh Scottish, the Polish- even the Swedish- and you know the Swiss aint never done nuthin to nobody.