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24576, RE: Another question
Posted by guest, Wed May-31-00 07:27 AM
"BUT almost everything that was cherished in European culture was stolen from Egyptian culture."

You're still making pretty bold statements that cant hold weight despite the fact that you demand they are facts. almost everything? What about Saurkraut, Swiss Cheese, Lager, ale, what about roman bathhouses, greek orgies with little boys, politics and structured government (Egypt was a Theocracy- Rome was a republic and subsequently an empire), Leprauchauns, mythology.

Let's not propogate the myth that all Europeans ever did was steal, kill and lie cuz thats not the truth. There were several ways in which European culture was influenced by African culture but we cant make the leap from influence to flat out theft. Taking Africans from the coast and enslaving them- now thats stealing. learning acadmeics, mathematics, science, and philosophy and refining them in one's own culture- thats a natural progression of influence and information.