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Posted by guest, Wed May-31-00 02:49 AM
>they were proud to have been
>there... but shortly there after
>they stole and took credit
>for many if not all
>of the things that they

This is a crime commited by about 4 people that was propogated by a nation that didnt know any better- there were still a great many European people who reperesented the culture fairly and even lived there- which is why alot of reasonable and valuable information remains today. As i said Egypt was very cosmolpolitan in its flourishing periods (but dark skinned African men held the nobility- I just like saying that). To defame European culture for the acts of a few European bitches is a mischaracterization of the history of Europeans and Africans and even Egyptians- if your goal is to defend Egyptian culture than surely you realize there is a very real instance of European heritage in that culture.

>Egypt goes far beyond wht you
>can learn from any bible
>although there are some truths
>that do exist in that

The preponderence of my knowledge of Egypt is based on preserved artifacts and the work of Ivan Van sertima.