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24571, RE: Furthermore
Posted by guest, Wed May-31-00 02:38 AM

>But I will say that once
>again the history of the
>European has shown that he
>is one who has no
>respect for any other life
>other than his own.

Cmon now- Europe is a pretty big place- with a lot of cultures many of which arent considered as congruent with the evil "white" man villainy that would have all Europeans be held accountable for the deeds of a few bastards. Who did Polish people ever invade- the French, the Swiss, Belgian, Dutch peoples... all European but they're hardly guilty of the things you're acusing them of.

>Let alone those things that
>others may view as sacred…
>so to do something like
>invade a divine space is
>typical for him.

Typical for who- so-called White peopl or anybody of Euorpean descent surely an Irish guy is not culturally predisposed to this- th last Irish invasion was what, Leprachaun 4 (Lepracaun in teh hood with Ice T)

>What I had a problem with
>is the fact that you
>try to compare the ignorant
>and brain washed ways of
>a misguided American/Europeanized brotha to
>something that indeed was done
>as ritual. You have a
>point, but that is truly
>taking things out of context
>and stretching them a bit
>far. By the time
>many of these practices and
>rituals were in full affect
>the last walk in the
>sun for that time period
>was over for the people
>of Egypt. There had been
>many invasions and the land
>had seen its fair share
>of traders so the ways
>and rituals (although still sacred)
>did have traces of the
>ways of many outsiders that
>had penetrated its fortress of
>a thrown, and tainted many
>minds. Egypt had been
>secure with its vast resources
>and riches for thousands of
>years with out the temptation
>of gluttony and excessiveness. But
>you must respect these rituals
>for what they are.

Im not sure what disrespect you're referring to- my statement was only that Pharoah guilded his corpse in gold- which he did- and as such the tradition mitigated that his tomb would eventually be robbed- they were so aware of this that they planned preventative measures. Youd have more luck defending the practice of mummification and the collection of organs- but it was a matter of the Eruopean science community (not necessary the European culture) that saw to defile the sacred artifacts in that case.

In regards to your "misguided American/Europeanized brotha" Im dismayed that in all your posturing for Pharoah- a figure from a culture and period that precedes you for several generations- you cast out this disparaging remark about your own people, your own peers. Again I ask you - why is it ok for Pharoah to cover his body and palacial living quarters with gold in both life and in death but when the hot boys do it- they are deemed "misguided." Do not men and women of the south have rituals and traditions- isnt wearing gold and platinum one of them. Just because they dont claim to be gods- that makes them misguided and Americanized- but wait most of that gold comes from Africa? is materialism an American or European tradition- you ever seen Pharoah's tomb arrangements?

>And any mentions of the bible
>will not hold weight unless
>used in certain circumstances because
>by definition I am a

Thats fine- I was only showing how certain things held sacred by particular cultures dont necessarily diminish the sacred merit of others- you proved my point just now. You defending Pharoah might defy the sacred doctrine of any devout Christian (the bible doesnt hold Pharoah in much esteem) nonetheless you havent necessarily committed any act against the Christian faith you've only honored the matters of your own faith.

>But let it be know that
>I do respect the things
>that you have displayed and
>will continue to do so.
>And reading my previous post
>I will say that I
>may have come off a
>bit scattered in my approach.
>And I have recognized that
>it’s something that may confuse
>direction of purpose.

Dont worry bout it girl- we just talkin.

>Amina NiaRa (Nubia)

I knew a queen named amina...