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Posted by guest, Tue May-30-00 10:46 AM
I dont think I answered this question

"do you know entirely the reasoning and history of our ancestors who have been named "pharaoh" by the Europens who invaded the land."

My knowledge of Pharoah and Egyptian culture comes largely from the bible, studies of Egyptian religion by Jesuit theology, and teh work of Ivan Van Sertima (they came before Columbus).

Its a common misconception that Egypt was a Black nation and thats not true- it was a very cosmopolitan nation comprised of many culture including Europeans. It was dark skinned african men and light skinned african women who held nobility - but to say imply that Euorpeans recast Egyptian traditions only after they "invaded" is a mischaracterization.

Several Europeans who visited Egypt did so for the sake of academic study- the likes of many Greek philosophers- few of them were in the mindset of mischaracterizing Egyptian traditions in their writings- they were proud to have been there.

I do not know Egyptian reasoning and history entirely but I know of artifacts that have been unearthed that depict a regency that heralded itself in pride and material gluttony. I have no intention of dishonoring anything, but if you bury yourself in gold somebody will eventually rob you of it- thats just common sense.