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Posted by guest, Tue May-30-00 10:24 AM
As far as "these" folks- you cant really condemn them for defiling something sacred- as the tombs are not something that Europeans (I assume thats who you mean) consider sacred. I understand what you're getting at- but be succint in your characterizations or else you run the risk of just being accusatory (believe me "these folks" are guilty of plenty of things that they actually did- not just things that anybody and everybody did)- its kinda like Indian people calling you a defiler when you eat a burger- you know cows are sacred.

as far as Pharoah- my comment was this.

"The materialistic arrogance of the Pharoahs of past mitigates the exploitation of peoples today."

My point is- if you plate your corpse in gold and laden your tomb with material riches- you can expect it to be looted. this isnt about honoring Phaorah or not- this about a reasonable response to the customs of Egypt. In the enslavement and rule over a great number of Egyptians Pharoah gained great wealth and power but when he died- he ran the risk of being a victim just like any other man- cuz alas he was only a man. Ill honor him as such- but as nothing more.

Please dont try to blame the looting of the pyramids solely on Europeans- alot of the tombs were empty by the time plaefaces got there- and pyramids will built with a great number of traps and misleading passageways cuz they knew that what they had buried there was bound to catch the eye of any random scavanger- be he African or otherwise.

My additional point howvere was that its funny that a few of you will honor the likes of a gold covered king who claimed to be a god but when the hot boys say bling bling you clouldnt possibly imagine how they could be honorable.

Make no mistake- i will honor my ancestors but I WILL NOT honor them as anything more than human. If defying Pharoah's claims to be a god means Im defying something sacred so be it- cuz i dont necessarily hold his regency as sacred- and neither does the bible.

How many people still follow Egyptian religion anyway- cuz on their faith alone is the measure of how sacred the pharoah's legacy is. If you're defending the dignity of the tombs- then thats a different matter.