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Topic subjectIm afraid so
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24560, Im afraid so
Posted by guest, Tue May-23-00 08:03 AM
after Egyptian history has been so perversely misrepresented it is actually important to unearth and realize all that egyptian history has meant to the world. Unfortunately this will be done at the cost of the integrity of our ancient royalty but then again when you plate your body in gold and have yourself buried in constructions that can be sen from the moon you're bound to be inviting some undesirable attention.

The materialistic arrogance of the Pharoahs of past mitigates the exploitation of peoples today.

Some of you may disagree but when you see the Hot Boys talkin bout platinum you'll get back on your "materialism is bad horse"- thats fine but you better keep your eye open cuz it looks like you're gonna run right into a gold plated pyramid - tell me thats not materialistic... and why you want me to honor them? but Lil Wayne cant get no love.