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Topic subjectsince we are in this state
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24556, since we are in this state
Posted by Nubia, Tue May-30-00 08:14 AM
that we have been put in and have affrimed ourselves in

the actions and moves that we make must be very simple one
I will say over again and again and again... we cannot have action with out a plan and purpose
so we gotta start from the very bottom and that is the development and knowldege of self
then family... that is the only way to secure our victory. now these ready seemingly eager young minds can assume the position of educator (the ones who have studied and been through schooling or training of some sort) to those who come after them... and even in the same instant learn what needs to be learned... if you wanna take things past the actually idea of short term action it must be based upon a solid foundation
Amina NiaRa (Nubia)
You write like I breathe. It sustains you, like the air drawn into my lungs sustains me. Please keep breathing.
- mikeONE

with each word you manifest reality...
speech is by nature and must continue to be divine.

Limitations are self manifested...

perfection changes daily as revolutions continously take place...

We gotta build yall... No time to be enemies it'sbout time we started LIVING IN some VITAL ENERGY