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Topic subjectRE: inspiring the youth to action
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24555, RE: inspiring the youth to action
Posted by colourboy, Sun May-28-00 08:15 AM
First let me say that I like the fact that we have people that do care and not trying to put the future down. I personally thank you. But to answer the question can be answered in so many ways than one its hard to know where we should start to help. But from where I'm starting I'm taking as music is the key to build us back on the map to take action. I know its hard when the mainstream is always noticed and their message is always taken to heed. But a way to get around it is to stand up and say this ain't real and I have something new for you to listen to. So many young people want to be apart of this music thing its ridculious but also beautiful. And for as mcees,dj's,b-boys,producers,a&r's,or whom ever that has the chance to educate them on to put out what is in there heart and not what sells or gets money. Doing that only tells them how to get over and everything comes fast and easy. Just teach. Thats all we really need is people to really take the time to teach and listen. And I think through music is the ultimate way. We are not going to join in on marches, protest, make speeches in Washington, because thats not us and we know today that doesn't work. We have come with new ways to get our word out but no one wants to listen. So when you just go ask questions and just listen you will know the answer and stop tryin' to give an answer or telling someone how to do it.

Everywhere, colourboy

P.S I am 17 years old and I thank you for listening.