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Topic subjectRE: inspiring the youth to action
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24554, RE: inspiring the youth to action
Posted by guest, Sat May-27-00 02:20 PM
1st question
my take on that...
O.k. first and for most...we need to make our youth aware of what the hell is going on in there communities as well as the country... I mean a lot of shit has happened in the past year...for example half of the kids I know (from this interactive program I perticipate in) don't even know what happened with Amadou Diallo...I mean they've never heard of the case...
I don't think they KNOW what they are truly capable of doing...I mean like lets use another example VOTING...they don't give a shit because they think "ok...why should I vote when my vote isn't gonna even count." They need influences that are positive and informative...I believe community service should be authorized to graduate from high school because as a young person doing something for the community u start to see things differently. WE need repair...but until we all try to help...nothing's going to start this much needed REVOLUTION...to start a revolution...we must INFORM... PEACE and LOVE