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Topic subjectRE: inspiring the youth to action
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24548, RE: inspiring the youth to action
Posted by unity, Wed May-17-00 05:38 AM
i too am looking forward to seeing what others have to say on this...

And thank you for your response brzlngrl. It definitely made me think.

One thought that i had was that part of the problem i think the youth are experiencing is psychological in nature. From generation after generation in the past enduring slavery, genocide and now subsequent generations enduring poverty and racism--both overt and more covert insitutional racism--many African Americans, Latino/as, Asian Americans and particularly Native Americans have been severely traumatized. This trauma has gone untreated and because of this, many folks don't realize how noble and powerful they truly are. Folks have a ghetto mentality and can't break out of it. If you think you don't have the power to change your circumstances, then you don't have the power. We need to let our peoples know that they DO have power, they have beauty, intelligence, creativity, spirituality etc. etc. etc. Then i think we will be on the road to creating change...you it is far more difficult to win a battle with wounded warriors, but if you give them the treatment to heal their ailments and then send them into the field of battle you can take home a mighty victory...

"So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth."