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Topic subjectRE: inspiring the youth to action
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24546, RE: inspiring the youth to action
Posted by brzlngrl, Tue May-16-00 01:01 PM
i feel your frustration...i don't know if i should call it frustration, but how else do you refer to shit that just doesn't pan out...i have been reading black noise by tricia rose..and in it there is a chapter called prophets of rage..in this chapter, she discusses the political part of hip hop...the underlying messages that publicize the need for socio-economic changes in urban neighborhoods...so, i sit back..and i don't understand...i do not understand why we have this politically and emotionally charged music...lyrics that are mad potent..that we have the f.b.i. writing letters, venue resistance, and all these other political impedements trying to censor the messages...and although, all hip hop experiences censorship if it is distributed by large recording companies...but, we still manage to be fortunate to have artists, like blackstar and dead prez...and the beloved roots...and people still ain't doing ish...i know the beats are phat, sick and all, but, damn....are we neglecting the message...how come hip hop has been in full effect for about 15 years..and we still have not seen any major changes...hip hop is encouragement...it is my pillow...but, also my mental nourishment..i do things...i participate in activism because i believe it to be in my revolutionary heart..but, for those who don't feel as strongly as i do...i would also, like to know?!? wtf...i know i am venting..but there are mad opportunities to go and get involved..the music presents the focus...but, from there it is individual responsibility..and i am finding that the only motivation people have when it is just effecting their ish...people need to learn about this imperialistic government in which we our sheltered..they need to become aware of the larger pic and see how in this world we live in that we, the US, are the only nation..and that in a sense, what exists are communities..that although we do not experience the poverty and corrupt (who's to say ours isnt..) government..we do most of the corrupting and they are doing all the enduring...they, the peoples of the third world ..this theory is better elaborated by Huey Long...

i am trying not to come off as a militant..but, oh..well, i am venting...in a conversation i had with elaine brown, who lives in atl, she was telling me how hard it was to try to get students that attended the hbc's there (historically black colleges) involved in shit..she said all most of them care about are clothes and things other then society and change..that many of them aren't even aware about major events that involved them in the long run...such as the gullah festival and the MLK day situation in SC...this disturbs me..i go to a school with about 5 black people..and i find opportunities..

bottom line...there are opportunities out there...this board for one...and i am beginning to think that the only motivation for people are economic reasons...and don't get me wrong...i know there are hella people doing ish...and all i have to say to you is thank you for all that you have done..and keep it up...but, for others...there are so many ways to become involved..go to community centers, the internet..if there is something you are passionate about..look it up...revolutions are waiting...you don't have to march, in order to contribute...for young people, i believe it should start early in education..much of the youth is in need of a foundation that for whatever social or economic reasons they lack..and once they have it, the possibilities are infinite...

"passion is not friendly. it is arrogant, superbly contemptous of all that is not itself, and, as the very definition of passion implies the impulse to freedom, it has a mighty intimidating power. it contains a challenge. it contains an unspeakable hope." james baldwin