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Topic subjectinspiring the youth to action
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24545, inspiring the youth to action
Posted by unity, Tue May-16-00 11:14 AM
i think that all (or at least most) of us who post on okayactivist are interested in creating positive social change, but there are many young people out there who either talk a good game about revolution, but do next to nothing to back up their words, or else they really don't even care and are content to maintain the status quo--which includes the increased number of prisons being build, the decreased spending and action on educational programs etc. etc. etc. There is a sense of apathy and lethargy in our generation that is unlike any of the past(i know we can't do things the way that our parents, aunts and uncles did in the 60s, but that doesn't mean that we can't make revolutionary change).

So my questions to all the okayactivists out there is:


"So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth."
24546, RE: inspiring the youth to action
Posted by brzlngrl, Tue May-16-00 01:01 PM
i feel your frustration...i don't know if i should call it frustration, but how else do you refer to shit that just doesn't pan out...i have been reading black noise by tricia rose..and in it there is a chapter called prophets of rage..in this chapter, she discusses the political part of hip hop...the underlying messages that publicize the need for socio-economic changes in urban neighborhoods...so, i sit back..and i don't understand...i do not understand why we have this politically and emotionally charged music...lyrics that are mad potent..that we have the f.b.i. writing letters, venue resistance, and all these other political impedements trying to censor the messages...and although, all hip hop experiences censorship if it is distributed by large recording companies...but, we still manage to be fortunate to have artists, like blackstar and dead prez...and the beloved roots...and people still ain't doing ish...i know the beats are phat, sick and all, but, damn....are we neglecting the message...how come hip hop has been in full effect for about 15 years..and we still have not seen any major changes...hip hop is encouragement...it is my pillow...but, also my mental nourishment..i do things...i participate in activism because i believe it to be in my revolutionary heart..but, for those who don't feel as strongly as i do...i would also, like to know?!? wtf...i know i am venting..but there are mad opportunities to go and get involved..the music presents the focus...but, from there it is individual responsibility..and i am finding that the only motivation people have when it is just effecting their ish...people need to learn about this imperialistic government in which we our sheltered..they need to become aware of the larger pic and see how in this world we live in that we, the US, are the only nation..and that in a sense, what exists are communities..that although we do not experience the poverty and corrupt (who's to say ours isnt..) government..we do most of the corrupting and they are doing all the enduring...they, the peoples of the third world ..this theory is better elaborated by Huey Long...

i am trying not to come off as a militant..but, oh..well, i am venting...in a conversation i had with elaine brown, who lives in atl, she was telling me how hard it was to try to get students that attended the hbc's there (historically black colleges) involved in shit..she said all most of them care about are clothes and things other then society and change..that many of them aren't even aware about major events that involved them in the long run...such as the gullah festival and the MLK day situation in SC...this disturbs me..i go to a school with about 5 black people..and i find opportunities..

bottom line...there are opportunities out there...this board for one...and i am beginning to think that the only motivation for people are economic reasons...and don't get me wrong...i know there are hella people doing ish...and all i have to say to you is thank you for all that you have done..and keep it up...but, for others...there are so many ways to become involved..go to community centers, the internet..if there is something you are passionate about..look it up...revolutions are waiting...you don't have to march, in order to contribute...for young people, i believe it should start early in education..much of the youth is in need of a foundation that for whatever social or economic reasons they lack..and once they have it, the possibilities are infinite...

"passion is not friendly. it is arrogant, superbly contemptous of all that is not itself, and, as the very definition of passion implies the impulse to freedom, it has a mighty intimidating power. it contains a challenge. it contains an unspeakable hope." james baldwin
24547, RE: inspiring the youth to action
Posted by brzlngrl, Tue May-16-00 01:04 PM
one more thing to unity..sweet post...i am interested in seeing what others have to say..

tchau..amor y paz..

"passion is not friendly. it is arrogant, superbly contemptous of all that is not itself, and, as the very definition of passion implies the impulse to freedom, it has a mighty intimidating power. it contains a challenge. it contains an unspeakable hope." james baldwin
24548, RE: inspiring the youth to action
Posted by unity, Wed May-17-00 05:38 AM
i too am looking forward to seeing what others have to say on this...

And thank you for your response brzlngrl. It definitely made me think.

One thought that i had was that part of the problem i think the youth are experiencing is psychological in nature. From generation after generation in the past enduring slavery, genocide and now subsequent generations enduring poverty and racism--both overt and more covert insitutional racism--many African Americans, Latino/as, Asian Americans and particularly Native Americans have been severely traumatized. This trauma has gone untreated and because of this, many folks don't realize how noble and powerful they truly are. Folks have a ghetto mentality and can't break out of it. If you think you don't have the power to change your circumstances, then you don't have the power. We need to let our peoples know that they DO have power, they have beauty, intelligence, creativity, spirituality etc. etc. etc. Then i think we will be on the road to creating change...you it is far more difficult to win a battle with wounded warriors, but if you give them the treatment to heal their ailments and then send them into the field of battle you can take home a mighty victory...

"So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth."
24549, inspiring you to action... (yes, you...)
Posted by guest, Wed May-17-00 07:25 AM
i think a lot of young cats these days are too spiritually crippled to move forward. we watched our parent's generation get killed, imprisoned, beaten, bombed, just for standing up for what they believed in, and things today seem just as bad as it looked in their time. kids aren't as ignorant to the struggle as it may seem. a lot of drug dealers in seattle have uncles, aunts, & parents that were in the black panther party. you would think "why? even with the consciousness of the struggle and these progressive movements would so many youths maintain their walk down these dark paths?".
it's cause all these kids that are out hustling have been forced to grow up that quick... too many of 'em, just been forced to handle more than an average adults responsibilitys when they should be in middle school. these babies aren't adults though, and they dying before their time to mature through all the oppression that's chained them down, even in a so-called progressive city as seattle.
it's just simply too overwhelming, for an older person to even face what millions of youth are living, and we're standing somewhere telling these youths it's time to mobilize... each and every one of these young hustlers have already mobilized themselves to handle the situations affecting their familys and live as the true revolutionarys who don't have one specific direction or goal, other than survival.
i can say with some confidence that almost every poor, black, latino, or native youth that lives in the city has had to act in opposition to the conditions given to them by this oppresive system by time they reach high school.
it's not about inspiring youth to action, it's about providing direction and a more postive focus that can pertain to the youths lives directly.
we've been inspired to act, we've been forced to act.
show us direction or don't show us any concern at all.

i know this message seems mad disjointed... it's all the in same thought process tho...

i'm 19 years old and have been a part of things you'd have to see to believe... a tank and a swat team rolled up on an african heritage museum... thousands of activists shutting down the city of seattle for almost an entire week... i've seen lives changed and lives lost... and my eyes are still young...

we heard the call to act for a revolution from the womb.

we still looking for the direction that's gonna bring us to the light.

if you ever see me and 6 thugs on the corner in a cipher, me beatboxing for they're best gangsta rhymes and then breaking out into an acapella spoken word piece about falling buildings and splitting concrete prisons with 3rd eye vision then you know the deal... come join the cipher and build with them cats everyone's already labelled "lost".

you'd be surprised what you find in a lost soul who aquired the name "lost" from a civilization built on lost lives, lost tribes, lost legacys, and lost freedom.

peace through revolution ya'll

get at me.


Gabriel Teodros (the hope)

500 YEARS: independent art * freedom of mind * self-determination * power

The Poetry Experience.
meets every 1st & 3rd Monday @ the Langston Hughes Cultural Arts Center from 7-9p.m.
(17th & Yesler, in Seattle's Central district)

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24550, UP!!
Posted by guest, Thu May-25-00 01:47 PM
i'm still alive ya'll...

maintain focus / preserve balance / spread love


Gabriel Teodros (the hope)

500 YEARS: independent art * freedom of mind * self-determination * power

The Poetry Experience.
meets every 1st & 3rd Monday @ the Langston Hughes Cultural Arts Center from 7-9p.m.
(17th & Yesler, in Seattle's Central district)

Red Eye Magazine:


"support independent art!"
24551, RE: inspiring the youth to action
Posted by guest, Wed May-17-00 01:50 PM
>TO ACT?!!!

Well usually involving them is a main factor. Explain to them the positive side and negative so it doesn't seem one sided
How beneficial it will and can be. I have no excuse, but time is why i really a factor
I don't pacticipate in many acitivity, but at the same time community activities and other things of that nature aren't well known. Maybe i should start something, but then when i look at it i have no time. And i gotta go to school and i gotta work cause i want to be and educated and i need certain things in my life so i can't x those things out. It's messed up those cause helping others is important to me, but now that i think about it kind of seems like i am only helping myself.
Sorry about getting slightly off the subject



Posted by LordLadypharr, Fri May-19-00 05:54 AM
we must first do...
other's will see that and join in...
a lot of ppl are scared of change...
we must show rhat cahge is good...
and needed...
then other pple will understand...
actions are better than words in this case...

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Posted by unity, Fri May-19-00 06:14 AM
i definitely have to agree with you on this. We must be shining examples not only to the young people coming up after us, but to our peers who've been caught in apathy and lethargy's vice grip. If we don't go through that personal transformation ourselves first, we have no right to complain about the state of things. If we aren't taking action to solve problems we have no one else but ourself to blame when there seem to be no solutions...

"So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth."
24554, RE: inspiring the youth to action
Posted by guest, Sat May-27-00 02:20 PM
1st question
my take on that...
O.k. first and for most...we need to make our youth aware of what the hell is going on in there communities as well as the country... I mean a lot of shit has happened in the past year...for example half of the kids I know (from this interactive program I perticipate in) don't even know what happened with Amadou Diallo...I mean they've never heard of the case...
I don't think they KNOW what they are truly capable of doing...I mean like lets use another example VOTING...they don't give a shit because they think "ok...why should I vote when my vote isn't gonna even count." They need influences that are positive and informative...I believe community service should be authorized to graduate from high school because as a young person doing something for the community u start to see things differently. WE need repair...but until we all try to help...nothing's going to start this much needed REVOLUTION...to start a revolution...we must INFORM... PEACE and LOVE


24555, RE: inspiring the youth to action
Posted by colourboy, Sun May-28-00 08:15 AM
First let me say that I like the fact that we have people that do care and not trying to put the future down. I personally thank you. But to answer the question can be answered in so many ways than one its hard to know where we should start to help. But from where I'm starting I'm taking as music is the key to build us back on the map to take action. I know its hard when the mainstream is always noticed and their message is always taken to heed. But a way to get around it is to stand up and say this ain't real and I have something new for you to listen to. So many young people want to be apart of this music thing its ridculious but also beautiful. And for as mcees,dj's,b-boys,producers,a&r's,or whom ever that has the chance to educate them on to put out what is in there heart and not what sells or gets money. Doing that only tells them how to get over and everything comes fast and easy. Just teach. Thats all we really need is people to really take the time to teach and listen. And I think through music is the ultimate way. We are not going to join in on marches, protest, make speeches in Washington, because thats not us and we know today that doesn't work. We have come with new ways to get our word out but no one wants to listen. So when you just go ask questions and just listen you will know the answer and stop tryin' to give an answer or telling someone how to do it.

Everywhere, colourboy

P.S I am 17 years old and I thank you for listening.
24556, since we are in this state
Posted by Nubia, Tue May-30-00 08:14 AM
that we have been put in and have affrimed ourselves in

the actions and moves that we make must be very simple one
I will say over again and again and again... we cannot have action with out a plan and purpose
so we gotta start from the very bottom and that is the development and knowldege of self
then family... that is the only way to secure our victory. now these ready seemingly eager young minds can assume the position of educator (the ones who have studied and been through schooling or training of some sort) to those who come after them... and even in the same instant learn what needs to be learned... if you wanna take things past the actually idea of short term action it must be based upon a solid foundation
Amina NiaRa (Nubia)
You write like I breathe. It sustains you, like the air drawn into my lungs sustains me. Please keep breathing.
- mikeONE

with each word you manifest reality...
speech is by nature and must continue to be divine.

Limitations are self manifested...

perfection changes daily as revolutions continously take place...

We gotta build yall... No time to be enemies it'sbout time we started LIVING IN some VITAL ENERGY
24557, RE: inspiring the youth to action
Posted by guest, Tue May-30-00 10:04 AM
I think that the problem that we run into is that we are trying to "inspire" people to become active in the struggle/growth.......dont inspire ....DEMAND..I want to see culture where community service is as mandatory and sacred as church. Just as you wake up and go to church ( if you do?) you should take time and seek out opportunities to make a difference in the community arouund you. You cant be in my family without doing some kind of service once a month.....( unless you want to feel the wrath of Danie)....Dont inspire...demand.

just my thoughts...danie
24558, RE: inspiring the youth to action
Posted by unity, Thu Jun-01-00 12:57 PM
i feel you on this demanding action tip, however, how do we keep service and activism from becoming another "chore" that is forced upon the youth by their elders? i think the problem--and this is part of why i posted on this subject in the first place--is that many of our youth today don't WANT to do ANYTHING but stay Black and die, so-to-speak. So making them do some service may only end up in their resenting it. i also agree with what Nubia said about change beginning with self. If we don't have personal transformation first then we don't have revolution. However, we need to take action from that point as well. If some of us take the initiative to make change within ourselves that's cool, but we need to take action to assist those who cannot or will not make change on their own...this is the essence of my question i think:

How do those of us who have been engaged in a process of personal transformation help our peers and those coming up after us--especially the ones who don't have the means or the desire to create change themselves--how do we help them to transform themselves and society?

i'm lovin everyone's responses y'all. Thanks so much for the input, i look forward to more...

"So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth."