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Topic subjectRE: African women (our struggle and victory)
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24544, RE: African women (our struggle and victory)
Posted by guest, Sat Jun-03-00 09:11 AM
Well, I used to want to save the world, ( I still do), save my people, (still do...) and all of the little black babies, (okay, I still do.) Some of my fellow, well most of my fellow sistas disapoint me. I'm not trying to come off high, mighty, righteous, or above anyone, but, I dont walk around half ass naked looking for hot boys, and thugs. Just the thought of it, makes me vomit. Everything for me starts at home, my family is my foundation. I do my best to be an example for my three younger sisters, and an example for want type of a woman I want my three younger brothers with. Spending my time at my beloved center, I always told the little sistas to define themselves, and live to that definition. Truthfully, I dont believe, and will never believe you can help anyone that doesnt want to help themselves. Mina, as your twin sister, that was seperated from you at birth, :), you know I'm here for your cause, our cause. You hold it down in Cali, and I'll be here in NY. The problems we have as a people will only keep getting worse in my opinion, if we have grown females that arent women, just grown females, continuing to spread ignorance in the home, the foundation. It is like a revolving door, yeah, brothas are to blame too, but, unless these sistas are right w/ self, they will not raise their daughters to be future queens, but rather a new breed of groupies. This isnt all the time true, but, sadly it is true enough, enough times for me. I swear I used to want, and still do, (I'm so in love w/ children) in a way, adopt some of the kids at my center. I just wanted to teach them, and love them, and tell the sistas that yes, contrary to popular belief, they must demand respect from these little brothas, and give it in return. I wrote a poem, called "the difference between a chickenhead and a woman", ima go find it, (somewhere in my relics) and reply again, I think it fits this post.

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