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24542, RE: Define Sisterhood
Posted by brzlngrl, Wed May-31-00 01:00 PM
one mo'gin...(lol) i got you!!

sisterhood, to me, is my knowledge of self and what i am capable of...my beauty..as a person...a Black woman...to encourage and help other sistas find theirs..to form a bond, be it biologically sisters, or friends...where you can turn to each other...trust each other..learn and teach each other..defend and protect each other..cry together...fight together...bleed together (a little extreme)...provide a level of comfort that can not be reciprocated with that of a male-female friendship because of difference in experiences...to give..and not be selfish..understanding...a deep bond...that in a sense is more than the average friendship..where petty misunderstandings do not threaten the relationship as a whole....and when you know it is time to be there...and when it is not...to push each other..to be each own's person....when i think of more, i will list...

i e-mailed you...and i have another question for you...are you of direct African descent?

tchau..amor y paz..

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