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Topic subjectRE: definition of a woman
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24536, RE: definition of a woman
Posted by brzlngrl, Tue May-30-00 11:15 AM
i will definitely keep in contact with you...i am willing to put myself whole-heartedly into this project with you...thank you for your feedback..you are gifted in thought and passion...thank you for your post...it was very timely and needed...i also have some resources...

thanks, again..you are beautiful..

tchau...amor y paz...

"revolution is not only won by numbers, but by visionaries, and if artists aren;t visionaries, then we have no business doing what we do."
cherrie moraga


"passion is not friendly. it is arrogant, superbly contemptous of all that is not itself, and, as the very definition of passion implies the impulse to freedom, it has a mighty intimidating power. it contains a challenge. it contains an unspeakable hope." james baldwin