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Topic subjectjumpin outah my fuckin skin over here
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24533, jumpin outah my fuckin skin over here
Posted by Nubia, Mon May-29-00 11:52 PM

first of all much respect...
I am so used ta dealing with sistahs who have no emotion when it comes to thier own state of emergency and to see you with so much of it.... even evident in just the words you type brings much joy to this heart of mine

>when i think of woman...i think
>of...the undefinable balance of these
>and then some...

my point exactly

SIS I hadnt even peeped urs then I posted mine and to see that we have some of the same words just means that we are evidence of posibilty

>we are all
>encompassing...full of so much potential,
>the problem lies in sistas
>who are not aware, and
>have noone to teach them

yep... its a vicous cycle cuzz they have babaies that will feed off the same ignorance and miseducation that they do

>young people my age, (19)

I am 19 also... this disease unfortunetly ranges from conception to death... there is no age limit on confusion

>we have men, brothas,
>who do not show us
>the respect we deserve,

because they have none for themselves
its evident and obvious

>making us feel inferior..raping us of
>our intergrity..and when it is
>never there to begin with
exactly cuzz if it was noone would be able to posses or sway it

>are life-less...without passion, ambition, or
>desires...many live in the bliss
>of ignorance, not participating in
>the fight, or struggle because
>they know not of it...and
>also, because they are not
>taught properly..of their capabilities and
>what they ought to demand...equality..equal
>respect...this is a main goal..that
>is reached individually and as
>a group...but, they lack the
>heart and sufficient knowledge of

this is were it all lies thats why the these sistahs out here makin babies are puttin us in such a slump... they abuse thier womb and gift to give life... which ultimately results in the destruction of our people

>all feminists and womanists are
>gay, don't shave...and are angry..it
>has to stop here..

man Im glad you feel me... femenism isnt the damn answer aint nuthin natural or productiive about hatin men.... yes I said it we need men and men need us... thats the way of nature... but this is only to a certain degree... once we abuse our harmomy with the opposite sex... most times neglecting ourself and children... this is when the problems start

>it should
>start at home...community centers, to
>go and talk to these
>young sistas, that have no
>one to encourage them to

this is were we step in
this is a fight and struggle for all ages
we can learn as we teach and teach as we learn
I need ta know where you located because I am a part of a rights of passage (pan Africanist nationalist) organization.... and we focus on the development of our people whether it be individually or on a communal and national level
this is in Cali by the way

>have to be a complete
>cooperation beyond color, occupational, religious,
>sexual lines then we could
>get somewhere...but, i do believe
>as a black woman (i
>am a womanist) there are
>certain racial aspects that do
>come first, but, that doesn't
>mean i could not help

true... I say African women cuzz thats who I know about thats what I am but all women are sacred and they need ta know about it

>we have waited long
>enough (too fucking long), we
>deserve first place on an
>agenda...and certainly on my personal

im gettin excited because its just so hard when dont nobody hear you... but when they do its the best feeling

>nubia: i am with you and
>reclaiming the throne, there are
>things i still need to
>learn about myself and others..let
>me know what's up sista...

Get at me sis
wordsdivine@hotmail.com Im down ta build no doubt about it
I have much info and many resources in many areas just let me know

>"revolution is not only won by
>numbers, but by visionaries, and
>if artists aren;t visionaries, then
>we have no business doing
>what we do."
>cherrie moraga

that is so true


Amina NiaRa (Nubia)
You write like I breathe. It sustains you, like the air drawn into my lungs sustains me. Please keep breathing.
- mikeONE

with each word you manifest reality...
speech is by nature and must continue to be divine.

Limitations are self manifested...

perfection changes daily as revolutions continously take place...

We gotta build yall... No time to be enemies it'sbout time we started LIVING IN some VITAL ENERGY