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Posted by brzlngrl, Mon May-29-00 07:18 PM
when i think of woman...i think of...the undefinable balance of these and then some...

beauty (inner as well as outer in physical form)
infinite (possibilities)
demanding, but giving
teachers (not just as an occupation)

and many many more...we are all encompassing...full of so much potential, the problem lies in sistas who are not aware, and have noone to teach them or show them their individual inner cultivation, from mother-like or father-like figures...and in speaking of young people my age, (19) and older...we have men, brothas, who do not show us the respect we deserve, making us feel inferior..raping us of our intergrity..and when it is never there to begin with...they are life-less...without passion, ambition, or desires...many live in the bliss of ignorance, not participating in the fight, or struggle because they know not of it...and also, because they are not taught properly..of their capabilities and what they ought to demand...equality..equal respect...this is a main goal..that is reached individually and as a group...but, they lack the heart and sufficient knowledge of self..all feminists and womanists are gay, don't shave...and are angry..it has to stop here..it should start at home...community centers, to go and talk to these young sistas, that have no one to encourage them to reach their aspirations..to set realistic expectations, so that do not internalize failure..know their self worth...one young girl...that is a first success, and then more and more...and if women, i believe, demanded more respect..and that would have to be a complete cooperation beyond color, occupational, religious, sexual lines then we could get somewhere...but, i do believe as a black woman (i am a womanist) there are certain racial aspects that do come first, but, that doesn't mean i could not help out young sistas realize their potential, we have waited long enough (too fucking long), we deserve first place on an agenda...and certainly on my personal agenda...

nubia: i am with you and reclaiming the throne, there are things i still need to learn about myself and others..let me know what's up sista...

tchau..amor y paz..

"revolution is not only won by numbers, but by visionaries, and if artists aren;t visionaries, then we have no business doing what we do."
cherrie moraga


"passion is not friendly. it is arrogant, superbly contemptous of all that is not itself, and, as the very definition of passion implies the impulse to freedom, it has a mighty intimidating power. it contains a challenge. it contains an unspeakable hope." james baldwin