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Topic subjectpeace sis
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24530, peace sis
Posted by Nubia, Mon May-29-00 05:07 AM
I understand what you talking bout when you say its hard to point fingers. so heres how I see it...
I know its often hard when you are already placed in a position to compete with other sistahs for the attention of brothss, status, and just about eveything else. this factor makes it so difficult to be the one who steps back and looks and says... well I know this aint correct and although its hard Im gonna be an example for my sistahs.. and ultimately when we rise the brothas have no choice.
when you let your light shine everyone will be drawn to you sistahs and brothas included. it may sound unrealistic sometimes but trust me its been proven on history.

and if we didnt present ourselves in the ways that we did brothas wouldnt accept it either. the standard of beauty must change in out minds first becuse we originally defined it and little in many ways we still do
Amina NiaRa (Nubia)
You write like I breathe. It sustains you, like the air drawn into my lungs sustains me. Please keep breathing.
- mikeONE

with each word you manifest reality...
speech is by nature and must continue to be divine.

Limitations are self manifested...

perfection changes daily as revolutions continously take place...

We gotta build yall... No time to be enemies it'sbout time we started LIVING IN some VITAL ENERGY