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Topic subjectRE: African women (our struggle and victory)
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24529, RE: African women (our struggle and victory)
Posted by beautifulpeace, Sun May-28-00 08:53 PM
Yeah girl, I know exactly what you mean. It's sad as hell when you look around and all you see are vengeful competitive women, women only looking for the cutest men with the best bodies with no sense of self empowerment or desire to be next to God on their minds. Although i see all this, I still can't solely point the finger. I too can be jealous when I see young attractive men and the women they look at are the ones with the tight pants and the cleavage hanging out. So man, how can I continually love my sister when all they talk about is men and what man they're going home with tonight? I fight not to be judgemental but it's really hard though when you see women wasting their lives on "finding them a nigga" (Have you heard foxy brown's excerpt on "Thong Song"---horrible). It's sad to say that black women are not seen as intelligent or worthy because of the way that we present ourselves. In the song's nowadays we're either bitches or hoes (and I'm still bothered by the reference to women as bitches on Com's album too).

What words would I use to define womanhood. I'm not sure but the first thing that comes to mind is Proverbs 31(The wife of noble character). Not trying to be all religious or nothing, but I think that that defines a beautiful, responsible woman to a T. To me a woman is one who is open, not afraid to be vulnerable, but also incredibly strong at the same time. One who is concerned with truth instead of protocols, and has a desire to grow instead of sticking with what's mainstream.

When I think of some more, I'll ya back.

"Seems like everybody's lost their minds/ and I just might be the next one in line" - Amel Larrieux