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Topic subjectWait, question?
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24525, Wait, question?
Posted by Blackmagicallydelicious, Wed May-31-00 03:32 PM
If I were to come home, and find intruders and begin to attack, shoot, etc, because I don't know if I'm being searched or robbed, what would be the consequences?

"I'm unfuckwitable."--Canibus, Source interview, June 2000


Me: (naively) "Is it true that if you go to New York and look up, they'll know you're a tourist and rob you?"

TheGoodReverendDrJ: (looking at me like Mircale Whip past the expiration date) "Tourists? They're robbing niggas that live there."

do damage for damage be
unpredictable with map and compass
& weapons pressed against the cheek
--Sun Rise Missions, from Earthquakes and Sun Rise Missions by Haki R. Madhubuti.

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