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Topic subjectNew Search & Seizure Laws!
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24519, New Search & Seizure Laws!
Posted by el_rey, Tue May-30-00 03:08 AM
From Davy D. This ish is VERY SCARY! What do y'all think?

> Clinton Proposes New Search And Seizure Laws
> *So while all this is hoopla including the historic trade bill with China is taking place on Capitol Hill, the Clinton administration has been hard at work with another 'amendment' that will simply blow you away and leave you gasping for breath. Congress is set to look at 5 different versions of a bankruptcy bill. Seems like a lot of creditors don't wanna have us be able to simply declare bankruptcy and not pay them back when we get into trouble. But that's another story. Whats really at stake, according to columnist Dan Gilmore of the San Jose Mercury news, is a sneaky ad on to bill HR 833 that would give law enforcement the authority to secretly break into people's homes and businesses to conduct searches and not have to tell you about it.. They could do when you're not present and it would be up to you to figure out that your local policeman decided to search your house. Go ahead re-read what I just wrote.. In fact read what was written in Tuesday's San Jose Mercury by Dan Gilmore:
> >THE uproar was fierce but quick last summer when an internal Clinton administration document leaked out, revealing yet again the ministration's hostility to fundamental liberties. The idea was to give law enforcement the authority to secretly break into people's homes and businesses to conduct searches, including discovering what was on computer hard disks or even plant rogue programs on the machines to record keystrokes or transmit data to the government.
> >
> >The idea was considered a legislative non-starter, and it sank out of sight -- or so we thought. But this administration and its congressional allies are nothing if not persistent.
> >
> >Like burglars in the dead of night, they've quietly attached the proposal to several pieces of legislation, including an utterly unrelated bankruptcy reform act. Like masters of deception, they've hidden it in language that no lay person could possibly unravel.
> >
> >``We've never had a hearing on these provisions,'' says U.S. Rep. Bob Barr, R-Ga., a vocal opponent of what are being called the ``secret search'' portions of the legislation. ``They're very, very substantive, and they're being snuck into legislation without a
> >chance to have light shed on them.''
> >
> >It's happened before. In 1998, Congress passed a law that included a provision greatly expanding law enforcement's wiretapping authority -- a provision that lawmakers had explicitly rejected when it stood on its own.
> >
> >The most immediate threat this time appears to be in the bankruptcy legislation, which goes by the designation HR 833. The House and Senate have passed differing versions of the bill, and it is now in conference committee. There, lawmakers might still be persuaded to strip out the secret search proposal and other attacks on the Bill of Rights, which appear to have been copied wholesale into the Senate version from an unrelated anti-drug bill that's not quite as far along in the legislative process.<P>
> >
> >In a section titled ``Notice; Clarification'' the bankruptcy and anti-drug bills say that ``Section 3103a of title 18, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end the following new sentence: `With respect to any issuance under this section or any other provision of law (including section 3117 and any rule), any notice required, or that may be required, to be given may be delayed pursuant to the standards, terms, and conditions set forth in section 2705, unless otherwise expressly provided by statute.'>
> >
> >That obscure language, according to experts who've studied it, would dramatically expand the government's authority to conduct what are called ``sneak and peek'' searches.
> >
> >The government ``could enter your house, apartment or office with a search warrant when you are away, conduct a search, seize or copy things such as your computer hard drive and not tell you until months later,'' the American Civil Liberties Union and National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers recently wrote in a letter to members of Congress.
> >
> >With equally obscure language, the legislation would ``relieve the government of giving the property owner an inventory of seized intangible items, such as the contents of your computer,'' according to the letter from the ACLU and defense attorneys.
> >
> > ``The law normally requires that an inventory of seized items be prepared on the spot and presented to the person whose property has been seized. Combined with the secret search provision, it is doubly dangerous because the government could enter your home when you are not present, look into your computer files and never tell you they were there.''
> To see the complete story head on over to
> http://www.sjmercury.com/svtech/columns/gillmor/docs/dg052300.htm
> I think this brief excerpt just about says it all. The current administration intends on using the advent of new technology to justify trampling on our rights. Now how does all this relate to Hip Hop? Look at this new proposal in the back drop of the current 'war on youth' and the rising 'prison industrial complex'. Already there have been new powers granted to law enforcement for search and seizure based upon suspicion. Anytime law enforcement can come barging into your house and not even tell you about is a problem that will directly impact the Hip Hop generation. There is already a sense in Washington among elected officials that the Hip Hop generation doesn't vote and is not down to be politically active. I guess people figure they can roll up on us and we'll do nothing and remain silent... Its up to all of us to remain alert and active to all these new changes that people are proposing to come down the pipe. With respect to HR 833 please take some time out and email your congressman and let them know you ain't going out like that...
> http://congress.org/ Also be sure to contact the members of the
> Judiciary Committee that is overseeing this bill
> http://www.house.gov/judiciary/mem106.htm. It is chaired by Henry
> Hyde of Illinois. He was one of those congressmen who was 'gung ho'
> during the Impeachment proceedings.
> Please take time out to write them or call them up at 202-225-3951.

love and respect,
El Rey

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