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Topic subjectRE: Assata Shakur!!!!
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24472, RE: Assata Shakur!!!!
Posted by legal_tenda, Wed Jun-07-00 12:53 PM
Thanx for the very informative and up to date post on Sista' Assata . . . we in her mother's home have long supported the demands for our country's release of her from Cuban exile . . .and we support Castro for not cowtowing to the bullying tactics of the American Government . . .many ask why does a country of our size and resource consistently denounce and withold trade embargoes from such a small country . . .the answer is very simple. . .Cuba is rich in land and resources that our government would like to forcibly control . . .Castro has refused any agreement with America to develop and purchase land in his country . . .realizing that once Americans are allowed to purchase land and develop on it shores with condos/casinos, etc that many of they're citizens will not be able to afford to enjoy . . .pretty soon white Americans will move upon this little island like a virus and Cuba as it is known will be no more . . .if u follow history . . there is a pattern. . .why does our media not inform our citizens that Cuba has a 100% literacy rate and that they have contained the AIDS virus . . .why is it our governments attempt to proselytize.. .or destroy any group of people that will not submit. ..

All is love. ..
Peace & Blessings~
Legal Tenda'