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Topic subjectrole of european americans in struggle
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24461, role of european americans in struggle
Posted by 360sunsumyea, Wed Jun-07-00 06:26 AM
mm: ...what can european americans do to be a positive part of the process?

assata: Well, i think that one thing that needs to be done is education. People really need to educate themselves and to educate other people to communicate with others; to make use of the tremendous amount of technology that is in the hands of white north americans...What needs to be done is to use those things to organize in a creative way; to organize other white people, other people, in some cases Black people. But, i think the principle task of white revolutionaries is to organize white people and to struggle against racism -- not only in terms of institutional forms, but in terms of struggling against one's own racism. i think it is dishonest to say that white people living in a racist society; receiving racist education with racist teachers, and often with racist parents: reading racist books; looking at racist television, etc., etc., are not affected by racism. Everybody living in a racist society is affected by racism. White people have to deal with racism on two planes. One: a political level, and two: on a personal level. And that's a life-long battle for one who's seriously interested in struggling against racism...Obviously most white people in the united states are not going to feel outraged by extreme poverty, some will, but the majority won't. Most will become involved in issues that are related to the environment, women, etc., etc., etc., so coming from there --whether it's the environment, whether it's women -- and relating that to an international system of imperialism, understanding the underlying roots, and understanding in order to struggle against any form of oppression one has to go to the source. One must look at the whole system, and it's not just the united states. It's the military industrial complex; it's a system of international imperialism that is causing the destruction of the environment, that is causing the oppression of women, that is causing so many ills; that is causing racism, that is causing people to starve in Afrika, that is causing people to be tortured in El Salvador, it is an international system that must be struggled against...People who are concerned about the environment need to deal on an international level. People who are struggling to liberate political prisoners should organize on an international level, because this is the only way We're gonna win. What We're struggling against is an international system of imperialism and those imperialists are organizing very effectively internationally.

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