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Topic subjectPolitical Pawn
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24455, Political Pawn
Posted by TotalRequestloveLive, Tue Apr-18-00 10:41 AM
I was not too aware of her story until recently, but I think that the New Jersey government's recent actions to capture Assatta are a desperat political scheme much like the Elian Gonzolaz(spelling?)situation. I found it curious that freeing Assata was on Cuba's to do list to become "friendly" with the US. Whouldn't it be to to her opposers' advantage to have her as far a way from American as posible. What damage can she do in Cuba? Right now her story is widly unknown, but if they returned her, things whould get stirred up and things would come out. I definatly doubt that the New Jersey or the fed gov'ts want that to happen.