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Topic subjectDeeper than that...
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24452, Deeper than that...
Posted by guest, Tue Apr-18-00 03:37 AM
I think it's beautiful that Common's song has shed some light and Clarity on Assata Shakur and her story... but I also think it's sad that a lot of people had/have no clue who this women was/is. I have followed this case and known about the in's and and out's for as long as I can remember. My family has ties to the Black Panther Party (which; for the record, is still in full effect, just low, low, underground)- and I fully understand their intentions and the repercussions that WE as a people have suffered due to their efforts. Assata Shukur aka JoAnne Chesimard was set up, along with many other Panthers who were simply speaking the truth. Amerikah-kah-kah wants to keep people of Color (Black, Hispanic, Native american etc.)dumb, deaf and blind. I went to elementary school with Assata's daughter, and i still remember how the crisis affected her and all of us who really knew what was going on. I BEG you, find out what is UP.... find out why she.. and other 'Shakur's ' had to seek exile in Cuba to get away from this countries propaganda and conspiracy theories... think about it! Read the biography, 'ASSATA' by Assata Shakur, your eyes will be opened and maybe you'll Understand and eventually Overstand. Believe me, I have the inside track on this...
Peace and love,
Sistah7 (Nubia Earth)
"Even when the road is hard.. never let up."
-TuPac Amaru Shakur (L.I.P.- Live in Peace)