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Posted by cynnderela, Tue Jun-06-00 08:49 PM
Goal is a little word and is mad scary.
High school guidance counselors throw it around with impunity. If you don't have them, you might as well grab a shovel and dig your own grave or somethin.
I'm 20 and I have goals. It's about all I got but I got 'em. I wanna be a recording engineer, produce lata. Not Puffy or Timbaland level, but well known enough I don't have to worry about loot or gettin a table at Mr.Chow's.
I wanna have a family, a good family, a lovin one, one better than the one I have. I wanna have a good marriage to a good man (love you Lonnie)
I want to see Africa...go on safari, see beautiful Black people
I want to be my own person - do what I damn well feel
I want to stop being afraid of myself and just be myself for a change
It's slow in coming but I feel I'll do these things and do them well...and live a good life
in the mean time I try to do little things for my fellow man...I comfort m'girls when they sad, I try and help m'moms out, and I do work for Broadway Cares, a theatre AIDS charity. I plant flowers and smile at little kids.
Nobody said i had to be a superwoman to save the planet or make it a better place.
I just got one goal really - to live.
-miss cynn