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Topic subjectRE: Goals Revisited
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24449, RE: Goals Revisited
Posted by guest, Tue Jun-06-00 09:45 AM
Believe that your kindness and energy was not wasted. I have never had to witness the death of anyone close to me and I pray that I don't have to any time soon. But so often it is only then that we learn to appreciate life.

I am 22 years old and I am coming to realize how precious time is. I'm making a concerted effort to *live* by doing what I want/need to do and not just talk about it. This means that on the daily I acknowledge my blessings (a college degree, my family & friends, being able to walk and breathe on my own, etc.). But what's key is that we share and give of ourselves to keep the positive spirits moving!

"People 'round here call me TNT"-as spoken by Toby in U-Turn