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24441, To educate
Posted by the2ndsurvivor, Wed May-17-00 02:25 AM
My short-term goal right now is to graduate at the top of my class so I've been trying to work really hard. I don't want to limit my education to my field of study. Majoring in a technical field, I haven't been able to read as much as I like to so I'm working on improving that. I can't teach someone else if I don't have a good knowledge of self.

This summer I'm looking to become more involved in doing community service. I'm hoping to give some help at a local Boys and Girls club and maybe even a local nursing home.

Long-term, I want to develop my own line of personal care products geared towards persons with sensitive skin (like myself), own a bookstore (supporting black literary work, artwork, and music), and start a scholarship fund.

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