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24438, my idea
Posted by guest, Wed May-10-00 06:53 PM
I have a ton of goals that I am presently working on accomplishing. What I want to talk about today is about an idea that I have over and over while listening to D'Angelo's VooDoo.He is truly a talented brotha.My 5 year old sits in the backseat trying to sing the background music and the sounds he hears from the instruments he hears in The Atrtist and D's music.He might become a musician. Who knows.I'm sure their are young children especially young brothas that could become as talented as D and the Artist are. The problem is that there aren't any programs where musicians such as D, The Artist,Questlove,and countless others, can help fine tune these gifts that these children possess.We need to start workshops for the young brothas and sistas who use music as their way of expressing themselves. For some children music is a learning tool. Please y'all start a program where you can try to reach these talented young souls.Teach them what you were taught or what you learned on your own with no guidance but perserverance! A child may have dreams but they start to slip away when the truth of this cruel world starts creepin' in.Music can help reach them and give them that confidence in themselves!Think about it. I'm sorry this was soo long.Let's look out for our future!