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Topic subjectit is real
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24435, it is real
Posted by guest, Thu May-11-00 06:47 AM
thanks for the love, but damn, that shit is REAL. Remember that scene from 'Daughters of the Dust', where they are talking about the myth of the 'flying Africans', and they show the image of the wooden African warrior floating down the river?
for whatever reason, that imagery pierced my heart, tears flowing and everything....because when we really get down to it, all the bullshit excuses we give ourselves and others for our lack of success and motivation, can be refuted with that one undeniable truth...

Imagine being locked up in the hull of a Santa Maria-type vessel,packed liked sardines, tied to feces, urine, rats, and the smells of other dead Africans..you KNOW in your heart that you will not survive and don't want to, not as someone' mule' or property, in a land unfamiliar planted with seeds of anti-matter/spiritual indoctrination brought by Christianity-I cannot even fathom the indignity of it all...
but that's why our trade excuses are bullshit-no ones saying that we can make every dream we have come true, but the power of the mind is as infinite as the heavens...atleast try!!!!

I've had the pleasure of seeing Sonia Sanchez 2 times at the National Black Arts Festival in ATL, and sister, you want to talk about ancient spirits manifested??? She will have you ready to slay dragons, destroy the wicked, and rescue Rastas in distress!

Ain't no damn excuse for not trying, atleast not for 'deferred dreamy' brown people.
Let's raise this 'solace' song on UP UP UP!!!

expand yer artistic parameters!

"Picasso sucks...but damn he painted some purty pictures"...me
"I'm surgin up when I'm emergin..." Pharoah Monch