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Topic subjectwhat i wanna do...
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24429, what i wanna do...
Posted by wbgirl, Mon May-08-00 06:46 AM
i know i got to a point in my life a little while ago where i was like, eff it.

like, dayum near everything in my life was where i wanted/needed it to be...i'd found a new job, had enough money to pay da bills every month and have like 20 cents left over (lol), was speaking to my fam again, had started volunteering again and was crazy in love with both myself and my boyfriend...

but then i realized/remembered that there's always room for improvement. that said:

--i'm gonna write more poetry, instead of just throwing up my old poems on poetry.com

--i'm gonna have fun being me. =-)

--i *will* decrease my debt level, dayumit, even though student loans will once again be my friend when i start grad school in the winter. =P

that's all i can think of now...


"and somehow, it all made sense..."--me

"They can lock up your body, but your mind is yours even if you don't want it."--Walter Mosley