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Topic subjectwas just thinking about this last night
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24428, was just thinking about this last night
Posted by 360sunsumyea, Mon May-08-00 05:00 AM
ok, let's see:

my main goal right now is to stop being scared of developing me. "some walk, but never learn to stand still and develop what they feel" -com on time traveling. in the past five years since graduating high school, i have been exposed to and experienced a lot, and now it's time for me to take all that and grow. i am gonna stop arguing w/ people about <fill in the blank> and start being the me that is necessary for the 2G.

that said:

i have to be a better mother to my two beautiful watoto's (children)

i am writing a screenplay based on a modern adaptation of 'two thousand seasons' and 'the healers'

thank you ms. angie for the post and for moving the activist section up!

**********THE SIG**********

i'm a tru pisces tryna flow in the direction of both of these okplayer quotes:

"I m raising a fuckin angelic being who is going to replenish this fuckin earths cuz in 2G all we fuckin do is talk.....im teachin my seed to turn his spirit inside out and spread beams of green light"

"GOd give me the strength to change the things i can, understanding for those i cannot and the muthafuckin heart to stand up for my beliefs and principles, so that when the government that is suppossed to protect me turns against me and my people we will have the means, the might and the muthafuckin gun power to blow away our oppressors
umm amen"

and last but not least:

"all things considered, i'd rather be me"