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Posted by guest, Sat May-06-00 08:38 PM
Yeah, I want to change the world, yes I want to change myself. The first start to me doing that though really is deciding what am I doing it for. I never do things without a purpose, and as soon as I figure out my motives, here I come world!

-I want to work w/ kids, I love children. I don't know about having kids, but I want to help the little babies.

-I want to get my mother to stop smoking. She is so damn difficult.

-I want to be an example for my younger sisters.

-I want to write a book.

-I dont know what I am going to do in life, I am a pre-law major....and ask me if I really want to do that....I want to work wit minority children, educate them, love them, show them how to appreciate themselves and have fun in life despite it all....

okay, now I am rambling, but thanx for this post angieee.

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