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24409, goodish....
Posted by GoldenWon, Sat May-06-00 08:28 AM
sometimes i just sit there and have half-an-anxiety attack because its so much i wanna do...but either i wont get up..or i dont know how 2 go about it completely...
goldy's on the road to knowing herself and bettering herself..
but im burdened right now with making sure i get all my college things together(my mom isnt doing ANYTHING, she said its all up to me)
so this big ol' thing is on my mind and lil' things are nagging at me...the things that arent the norm that I WANNA DO...I'm guessing once i get the college sitch straight then my mind will be clear enough to work on goldy......
then the question is?
how do i make peace with myself to better me?
Guess i'll research that when i have the time(there it goes again)

>You want to stop talking about people?
I addressed that in my "All I wanna do" post in GD...its coming along

>Want to start taking care of yourself?
I not only wanna have food and shelter...i wanna not have the best things as in caviar .but the best for my mind and soul...the best books that will help my mind "get free" the best foods that wont cause cancer in my colon in a few years.....

>Want to start putting together your demo?
I swear Goldy wants to be a female next or another version of Black Thought...or just the best.....but stage fright, letting time pass, being satisfied in dreams is slowing me down...once again

nice post

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