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Topic subjectI have a couple..
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24406, I have a couple..
Posted by guest, Fri May-05-00 07:22 PM
But the one that I have to actually start sometime soon and have been procrastinating for the longest is actually completing my prayers 5 times a day.

I really can't call myself a true muslim if I don't do that really, and I'm always making excuses like i'm young when i get older bla bla bla..but as they say ain't no time like the present so hopefully Allah will lead me on the straight path and I will reach this goal. Hmm was this post a sign...I think so...

(^_^) (*_*) (~_~) (^_^) (*_*) (~_~)

*Hmmm I have to think of another pick up line ;-) until then...*

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