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24397, me.
Posted by DJ_scratch_N_sniff, Fri May-05-00 12:18 AM
thanks for this post ang. a busy mofo like u wantin to help save the world is so incredible. luck to you.

now bout me.

i want to start a revolution. everyone TALKS about revolution, but no one's DOING it. i wanna DO it. the only problem is i'm a lazy little bitch. So first, like u said ang, i gotta change me. Internal revolution. I think, it involves coming to okayplayer.com a lot less :-( but i'm not willing to admit that to myself. That was a joke. (i know, it's hard to tell )

But i am getting involved politically with a local group 'round here that took part in the Seattle and DC protests, and i'm seriously considering going to Guatemala this summer to help poor mountain communities in sustainable development programs and to teach my assimilated Puerto Rican ass some Spanish.

I also need to start riding my bike more instead of pumping smog into the air. I'm into consumer consciousness. I read the labels on everything i buy and think politically before i spend, but i still support the global oil market with my goddamn Mitsubishi Mighty Max.

Lately I severely feel my responsibility as a privileged North American to help the rest of the world. I think about starvation every time I eat. I can't take a shower without thinking about water shortages and pollution in the third world and homes without electricity and running water. I think about slavery in Sudan every time I get the urge to complain about my trivial problems.

Part of me wants to organize an underground militia to destroy prisons that are under construction. Get all the illegal immigrants, homeless people, drug dealers, gang members, students, civil rights organizations together and overthrow the whole shit.

but i gotta be non-violent.

i have the opportunity to be a high-tech professional and make lots of money. But I can't in good conscience do that without acknowledging and doing something about the system that allows me to have this privilege and prevents others from breaking beyond 25 cent a day wages.

i was thinking about going to places like Mexico and China and applying for sweatshop assembly line jobs while wearing a full on business suit and tie with a briefcase. I think that's just a political statement kind of thing. i couldn't really do that. i'm not trying to get killed.

i don't know. guess i'm just rambling. i'll report back soon hopefully with a more focused game plan.

p.s. anyone down to explode some prisons under construction?