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Topic subjectWell...I'll start...
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24396, Well...I'll start...
Posted by d_dog, Thu May-04-00 08:53 PM
For the next year I want to find the happy medium between protecting myself and letting myself live. I've recently gotten over depression, and I would really like to be in a relationship even though part of me is still frightened to put myself through that.

I want to give blood....I know i'm scared of needles, but that's no excuse for not doing it.

I want to keep meeting people and making new friends and contacts.

I want to continue to evolve in all the skill areas that matter to me, and become a consumate performer.

I want to succeed in my trip to Israel and come back a more fully realized person with a new view on the world.

I want someone, outside of family, to care for me as much as I care for them(that's a bit different....but it's true.)

I think that's good for now.


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