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24394, Goals
Posted by guest, Thu May-04-00 06:51 PM
*inspired by jefleejohnson's okayschool post*

You know there's something you want to change about yourself. Something you want to do but can't find time to do...or you just keep making excuses.

I think changing *the world* begins with changing yourself. Little things you do that don't bring ya joy, things you don't do that could bring ya joy.

Shit, when's the last time you just sat and read a good book? Do you want to volunteer for something but aren't doing it?

The last one is me. I *know* I could be doing more. And I feel if I put it out there and say I'm going to report on my progress on here, it'll push me to do it. Nothing like putting something out there in front of so many people and then not doing it.

I want to help kids. I have no idea what I'm going to do...I'm thinking maybe start looking into some of these summer programs for kids and seeing if I could come in for even a day this summer and teaching them something. I know, that's vague, but that's a start. I'm going to post at least once a month about what I'm doing, volunteer opportunities I found, etc.

Maybe the post could be called "check-in", where we just, well, check-in and see how we're doing with our posted goals.

No goal too small. You want to stop talking about people? Want to start taking care of yourself? Want to start putting together your demo? Let's have it.

Much love...

angieee ('stress)

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24395, I got goals.
Posted by kec, Thu May-04-00 08:51 PM
I think everyone should have goals long term and short term.

My main goal is to be an example for the babies and be more involved in the community I live in currently. I was so consumed with school and work this past year to the point where I had noooo free time. However, next year I helping some buddies in law school start up this program at the local Boys and Girls Club which currently does not have a lot of consistent support. Of course I will be helping the kiddies with the computer stuff. Which by the way could be what you help the kids with Angie since you have mad skills or do some creative writing. So many of our youth don't read and write..gotta take it back. Nevertheless, that and graduating from graduate school are my immediate goals.

change is inevitable...
24396, Well...I'll start...
Posted by d_dog, Thu May-04-00 08:53 PM
For the next year I want to find the happy medium between protecting myself and letting myself live. I've recently gotten over depression, and I would really like to be in a relationship even though part of me is still frightened to put myself through that.

I want to give blood....I know i'm scared of needles, but that's no excuse for not doing it.

I want to keep meeting people and making new friends and contacts.

I want to continue to evolve in all the skill areas that matter to me, and become a consumate performer.

I want to succeed in my trip to Israel and come back a more fully realized person with a new view on the world.

I want someone, outside of family, to care for me as much as I care for them(that's a bit different....but it's true.)

I think that's good for now.


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24397, me.
Posted by DJ_scratch_N_sniff, Fri May-05-00 12:18 AM
thanks for this post ang. a busy mofo like u wantin to help save the world is so incredible. luck to you.

now bout me.

i want to start a revolution. everyone TALKS about revolution, but no one's DOING it. i wanna DO it. the only problem is i'm a lazy little bitch. So first, like u said ang, i gotta change me. Internal revolution. I think, it involves coming to okayplayer.com a lot less :-( but i'm not willing to admit that to myself. That was a joke. (i know, it's hard to tell )

But i am getting involved politically with a local group 'round here that took part in the Seattle and DC protests, and i'm seriously considering going to Guatemala this summer to help poor mountain communities in sustainable development programs and to teach my assimilated Puerto Rican ass some Spanish.

I also need to start riding my bike more instead of pumping smog into the air. I'm into consumer consciousness. I read the labels on everything i buy and think politically before i spend, but i still support the global oil market with my goddamn Mitsubishi Mighty Max.

Lately I severely feel my responsibility as a privileged North American to help the rest of the world. I think about starvation every time I eat. I can't take a shower without thinking about water shortages and pollution in the third world and homes without electricity and running water. I think about slavery in Sudan every time I get the urge to complain about my trivial problems.

Part of me wants to organize an underground militia to destroy prisons that are under construction. Get all the illegal immigrants, homeless people, drug dealers, gang members, students, civil rights organizations together and overthrow the whole shit.

but i gotta be non-violent.

i have the opportunity to be a high-tech professional and make lots of money. But I can't in good conscience do that without acknowledging and doing something about the system that allows me to have this privilege and prevents others from breaking beyond 25 cent a day wages.

i was thinking about going to places like Mexico and China and applying for sweatshop assembly line jobs while wearing a full on business suit and tie with a briefcase. I think that's just a political statement kind of thing. i couldn't really do that. i'm not trying to get killed.

i don't know. guess i'm just rambling. i'll report back soon hopefully with a more focused game plan.

p.s. anyone down to explode some prisons under construction?
24398, thanks for the focus
Posted by Mosaic, Fri May-05-00 02:00 AM
There's a lot that I thought I would be able to get done (outside of school) such as finding a new job and volunteering more, but I find that if I don't have a plan...things fall apart...

I'ma have to think for a sec and draw out a plan and then post it...


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24399, Encourage adoption
Posted by fire, Fri May-05-00 04:10 AM
I even want to adopt myself. I used to say that I was gonna have my own kids first then bring a child that needs love in later. but i'm considering adopting a kid. There are so many kids that just need love that it makes my eyes tear up to think about it. I'm really really looking into it.

Angiee, this is a good post.

:D :9 :P :7 ;-):D :9 :P :7 ;-):D :9 :P :7 ;-)


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Posted by guest, Sat May-06-00 03:07 PM
I am a proud, single, African-American female, who adopted a beautiful little girl when she was only 9 months old. I adopted her from Washington, DC. I did not know her birth parents, or anyone in her family. I first began by becoming a volunteer at the semi-orphanage where she was living. Then I became a foster parent 2 weeks later.

She will be 9 years old in August of this year. She is the light of my life. I was not married when I adopted her, nor in a serious relationship. SHE IS THE BEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO ME! She's intelligent and very polite and courteous.

I encourage each Black family, Black male or female, who wants to have children and are getting to the point where marriage is not in the forseable future, to adopt one of our own. IF WE DON'T - WHO WILL?

Share your life and love with a Black child without a home - you will never be the same! If I could only give back to her, 1/13th of what she gives to my life, then I will die a happy woman.

Make a difference - love a Black child that is not your own!!!!!!!

Posted by guest, Wed Jun-07-00 03:40 PM
yeah y'all should adopt children because it sure as hell don't raise our already over populated population.we're killing ourselves and don't even realize it.

24402, discourage adoption (J/K)
Posted by Imokuede, Mon May-08-00 05:50 PM
Before I get flamed I'm only kidding.

Seriously though I'm gonna make good on a promise I made to myself and get more involved with my community.

I'm gonna volunteer at a hospital, reading to children.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." - Unknown
24403, RE: Goals
Posted by TinkyWinky, Fri May-05-00 05:10 AM
i want a purse icon. period.

well, that and i'd like to start writing again. and i know that sounds like an almost selfish goal, and you have to wonder who it benefits, but to me it wouldn't just be for me, ya know? lol, nah, i don't know either. :-)


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24404, Mentor
Posted by guest, Fri May-05-00 07:38 AM
My goal is to find a mentoring program and give my time. Ive been wanting to do this for awhile and I always allow something else to distract me from this.

"And I Still Rise"-Maya Angelou
24405, the boards really missed you Ang
Posted by mikeONE, Fri May-05-00 05:34 PM
really, your energy and rah-rah spirit was sorely missed. honestly you have the amazing ability of making people want to do positive things, so much power to this idea.

Personally I've been thinking about the Third World (being from an extremely poor country and all) alot and I am looking into designing my own program so I can spend a semester in a developing country (within the education system) and see what I can do to help.

The selfish part of me wants to go to Barcelona, Spain where I know the program is kick back, the women are easy on the eyes, and usually enthralled by college boys from America etc. But instead of self gratification, I'm listening to the part of me that tells me to go to Africa. So I'll keep y'all posted on how that goes.

Welcome Back Angieee.


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24406, I have a couple..
Posted by guest, Fri May-05-00 07:22 PM
But the one that I have to actually start sometime soon and have been procrastinating for the longest is actually completing my prayers 5 times a day.

I really can't call myself a true muslim if I don't do that really, and I'm always making excuses like i'm young when i get older bla bla bla..but as they say ain't no time like the present so hopefully Allah will lead me on the straight path and I will reach this goal. Hmm was this post a sign...I think so...

(^_^) (*_*) (~_~) (^_^) (*_*) (~_~)

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24407, RE: Goals
Posted by bshelly, Fri May-05-00 08:55 PM
Great post, Ang. Great thoughts, people.

Hmm. Goal setting. What to do. All stuff that's been on my mind lately. See, lately I've been pulled in two very different directions. On one hand, I have a continued desire to do something for other people. It's always been on my mind, and it's ostensibly why I'm in graduate school. Put bluntly, I want the sins of my ancestors to end right fucking now, and I want to do things that are going to work to reverse that direction. All this talk about revolution of the mind is part of it (but it's also a cop-out, people), but I want the whole damn package. And if I can't have it, I want to spend my life working for it.

The second urge, having recently flared up after about two years of being dormant, is the creative urge. It's a great, great thing--I'm inspired to write again. I don't know why it left me, I don't know why it's coming back now--probably has something to do with joining the band and being around people again who take this seriously. Honestly, if you're going to push me on a short-term goal, nurturing this side is it. This summer is when I finally finish my first short story in a long time and when I'll be hunched over a guitar the rest of the time.

The long-term question is very difficult for me right now, in light of the two goals I specified above. I want to help the world, and/but I want to create. As we all know, no man can serve two masters. Are the two goals mutually exclusive? Of course not, not in theory, but in my case they may be closer to exclusive than complimenary. The question that haunts me at night: what fucking social good can a white artist do at this point? what meaningful changes can they make in society? The ones who've tried look ridiculous, and I don't even know that the audience I want to reach could be moved by my art. There's also the chance that being immersed in my art could cause me to unlearn whatever minimal progress I've made in not being a suburban white fuck.

I want to help bridge this gap between rich and poor, minority and white, but whatever "fresh" insights I have stem from a very basic point: society needs to listen to the people we're trying to help, give them the resources to do it, and not send in some Ivy League white guy to fix the problem (insert self-depreciation here). What kind of art can speak to that? Is it better to be part of that "resource" end of the equation? Should I be less ambitious and settle for that role, or am I arrogant enough to think that I can make art that really inspires people towards that vision?

Here's the rub. Can art really influence what happens to the less fortunate? I think so. Could mine? Maybe, but I'm not sure I want to find out. I'm very scared of giving myself over entirely to the creative process. Real creation, the kind that does change people's minds, shit like Nietzsche or Langston Hughes, that shit requires suffering upon suffering. Night after night after night of the kind of mental anguish that drives 99.4 percent of the population loony as a bat. Do I want to take that chance with my life? What if I succeed? What if I fail? I may not fulfill whatever potential I have by working in a strict advocacy or social service role, but I may sleep soundly at night. Going for the creative route is like putting the mortgage on the table--it's all or nothing. At worst, I could end up broke, alone, insane, and thoroughly average in the quality of my writings. At worst on the advocacy route, I end up in the suburbs.

Wow, weren't especting that, were you? Always dangerous to ask me to ruminate on the long-term. :-) If you've made it this far, I'm not sure why, but I'm glad you did. As it relates to the question at hand, I guess what I need to do is pick a direction--to create, or to immerse myself directly in the everyday life of the people that, ultimately one way or another, it's my highest goal to help. Please, tell me what I should do--obviously I'm neurotic and incapable of making strong decisions.

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24408, RE: Goals
Posted by guest, Sat May-06-00 02:29 AM
me and goals tend not to agree, I'm married to self gratifcation and it manogomy.

On the real though its like I said in my kool aid no sugar post on general. I need some kind of completion, before I'm seeing finish lines. So I guess I need to start seeking that completion.

but angie if you want to help kids we can have some babies

...if you wanna play, I'll break my no coochie shave rule and give you a handful of strings to pluck...you could be the next jimi hendrix, this could be "your big break"..
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24409, goodish....
Posted by GoldenWon, Sat May-06-00 08:28 AM
sometimes i just sit there and have half-an-anxiety attack because its so much i wanna do...but either i wont get up..or i dont know how 2 go about it completely...
goldy's on the road to knowing herself and bettering herself..
but im burdened right now with making sure i get all my college things together(my mom isnt doing ANYTHING, she said its all up to me)
so this big ol' thing is on my mind and lil' things are nagging at me...the things that arent the norm that I WANNA DO...I'm guessing once i get the college sitch straight then my mind will be clear enough to work on goldy......
then the question is?
how do i make peace with myself to better me?
Guess i'll research that when i have the time(there it goes again)

>You want to stop talking about people?
I addressed that in my "All I wanna do" post in GD...its coming along

>Want to start taking care of yourself?
I not only wanna have food and shelter...i wanna not have the best things as in caviar .but the best for my mind and soul...the best books that will help my mind "get free" the best foods that wont cause cancer in my colon in a few years.....

>Want to start putting together your demo?
I swear Goldy wants to be a female next or another version of Black Thought...or just the best.....but stage fright, letting time pass, being satisfied in dreams is slowing me down...once again

nice post

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24410, Bomber on the run
Posted by Bear, Wed May-10-00 02:18 PM
T-Bear183 E.C.
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24411, Mediocrity
Posted by guest, Sat May-06-00 01:56 PM
I think I've settled into this real medicore stage in my life right now. I get decent grades in school, I'm trying to find a decent job when I graduate, and I stopped doing community service.
I told myself it was time to focus on me and my schoolwork but that hasn't improved.
It takes so little to volunteer and put something back into the community.

My goal right now is devote all my extra time to urban development projects in New Haven. There are just too many ways to bring the back inner city and I need to be involved.

I also want to be more focused and give a little more to my friends. I feel I've been neglecting people for a while and I need to get back on it.
24412, I'm going to start small.
Posted by Numba_33, Sat May-06-00 03:42 PM
1) I plan to check out the books in the newest copy of Vibe Magazine (the cover has a TOTALY bleached out Lil Kim - that's a whole other issue to deal with) and see what knowledge I can gain. Its a 200 book listing, I think you guys might want to check it out.

2) Actually go to an social organization or movement once I get back to NYC that actually does something constructive so I can actually be around something postive and negate the negativity I'm surrounded by at my college. I have to thank BrownSkinLady a lot for helping me to become more outspoken about things and actually try to do stuff. Hopefully some activism can help me to see more things and become more powerful in myself.

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Posted by guest, Sat May-06-00 04:59 PM
I want two things right now.

I want to be a better mother,and
I want to sing (I'm blushing as I type this).

I work crazy hours(I'm in the Army) and go to school at night, so I don't spend enough time with my son. I justify it by saying that he'll understand the importance of an education later, but that dosen't make the resigned look on his face go away when mommy is just to tired to do whatever it may be.
My son is a bookworm. the kids at school call him a nerd, but he handles it as well as can be expected. He says nerds grow up to be rich(he's nine).
He's not very physical, and I'm trying to get him to face his fears. But how can I preach to him when I don't do the one thing I've always dreamed of? All my life I've wanted to sing, but I grew up on Oakwood College campus(3rd grade through college), home of Take 6,Brian McKnight, and opera singers whose names I can't remember. Its worse than the Apollo, they will rip up into pieces and then laugh at you in school the next day. So, I never tried. Now I'm 26 and afraid it may be too late.

It sounds selfish after all the posts about saving the world, but how can I do that if I can't even open my mouth in front of people? I can talk before an audience all day, but sing? I forget how vocalization takes place.
I'm the type of person that usually does the things I fear just so they won't control me. I have very few fears left(within reason), this is the biggest.

My Okayfam now knows something about me that even my sister doesn't. *gag*

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24414, Not silly at all....
Posted by guest, Thu May-18-00 05:41 AM
Every summer I do something to contribute to my overall character. Something that makes me feel good about being me! This summer I'm taking singing lessons. No I don't want to sing for a living I just like singing...

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24415, RE: Goals
Posted by Nettrice, Sat May-06-00 05:31 PM
I helped to start what will become a national nonprofit dealing with the arts an technology, youth & community development. When I pulled out some old goals from '92 when I was barely out of my teens, I realized that I am doing the work I imagined back then. I almost cried reading about how I wanted to finish college and start my own center focusing on art and technology.

In reassessing my current direction, I always ask myself whether or not I would be proud of the person I am today if I were 18 again. Starting anything new is exciting, challenging and often difficult. In order to support this new project I am working three jobs!

This summer there will be four sites piloting the project (Miami, Boston, Somerville, Phoenix/Tucson). Angiee: Since you are the web mistress maybe you could get involved somehow and teach young people how to set up their own sites (art & tech). Good luck on whatever you decide to do.

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24416, RE: Goals
Posted by BrownSkinLady, Sat May-06-00 05:33 PM
Well right now I don't have the time to volunteer like I used to (I have a full time job and school) so I've decided to put my $$ where my mouth is...instead of buying all the frivolous(sp?) stuff I really don't need i'm going to be donating the extra money I have to different causes.....just sent out my first check to Cathy Harris (check the whistleblower story) she needs the money more than I do...so until I can find the time to volunteer like I used to..I'll donate my money to worthy causes...

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click it! ;-)http://www.volunteermatch.org

24417, RE: Goals
Posted by asighn4jane, Sat May-06-00 07:10 PM
goals involve work don't they???...they don't leave room for uncertainty...or for plan Bs...Cs...or Ds...do they???...i don't know if i have any goals?!?...i intend to focus more on my center...what makes me happy...what is pleasing to God & eminate frum there...i don't think of that as a goal...but as a necessity

i'd like to say i love & u are vital more often

i'd like to place myself in positions to make my writings more career oriented than hobby-ish...cuz after all...this IS what i do

i have a goal after all...an okayplayer related goal...i find that we have one sister too many in pain...w/babies...encountering closed fists...fists not wantin to hold these babies...or open to our sisters in friendship/parenthood...it is my prayer that said fists do not connect w/our sisters' flesh...my goal is to let all of these sisters know...just to let them know...

i don't even have no babies...& i wasn't raised w/sisters...but i FEEL...i KNOW...i just feel...u know???

....................la jane

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24418, RE: Goals
Posted by guest, Sat May-06-00 08:38 PM
Yeah, I want to change the world, yes I want to change myself. The first start to me doing that though really is deciding what am I doing it for. I never do things without a purpose, and as soon as I figure out my motives, here I come world!

-I want to work w/ kids, I love children. I don't know about having kids, but I want to help the little babies.

-I want to get my mother to stop smoking. She is so damn difficult.

-I want to be an example for my younger sisters.

-I want to write a book.

-I dont know what I am going to do in life, I am a pre-law major....and ask me if I really want to do that....I want to work wit minority children, educate them, love them, show them how to appreciate themselves and have fun in life despite it all....

okay, now I am rambling, but thanx for this post angieee.

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24419, RE: Goals
Posted by guest, Mon May-08-00 05:20 AM
There's many goals I would like to achieve.
I am a very giving and loving person, but I haven't been giving and loving to myself as much as I should be. Sometimes I feel guilty about thinking of myself and I really shouldn't. I tend to do a lot more for others than I do for myself.
So my goals for the next few months are:
-to focus on myself and my unborn child. Now is the best time for me to do this especially since the father just broke up with me for his own personally needs.
-to be a lot stronger. If I can't help myself, how I am going to help anyone else.
-and after I have my child and get, I would like to work with other children as well and just be the best mom I could be.

Thanks for the post! :-)

Posted by guest, Sat May-06-00 09:21 PM
that's my goal...

people bitch and complain about the most petty things sometimes and it makes me mad. they stress and waste time and energy on things that absolutely don't deserve the attention. there are always bigger problems in the world around you. sometimes people's priorities are so ridiculously out of wack it makes me sick.

...i don't get it

that's my goal.

oh yeah, i also want to lead a successful campaign to raise funds for the research and the developement of the ultimate power source...a whole other issue.



24421, Only two this year
Posted by Dove, Sat May-06-00 10:16 PM
1) to travel more. I am going to Philly for the Reunion and then NY for Labor day weekend - I hope this inspires me to go other places too. I never used to like being away from my spot much.
2) to find a new job. I've been at mine for 4-1/2 years - I don't like it much... I know I can be doing better for myself as far as my surroundings.

My ultimate goal in life is to be a philanthropist - but that requires $$. So I need to expand my horizons and focus on making that dough so I can help others in the way I want to.

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24422, krewcial's re-post
Posted by krewcial, Sun May-07-00 06:09 PM
I posted this a looooong time ago, these are all examples of the stuff I'm doing right now, everyday, trying to live a 'better' life.

Furthermore, I think we should remember/realize at all times that an OkayActivist board is cool, but it doesn't mean much if all we do is TALK about what we want to do. I think there could be more reflection on things you and I have done, and that indeed we should DO more stuff.

That's why one of my goals is to stay away from okayplayer more often (sounds strange ?) for the simple reason that my lurking and posting here keeps me from more reading and actually DOING things. Anyone here got the same sentiment ?

(Nov 30th '99)

-If I KNOW that the sneakers I see were probably made in Indonesia by a woman who works at least 13 hours every day, standing all the time, for 3 US$, while they cost 120 US$ in the shop, Jordan and Pippen have a multimillion dollar endorsement deal, and Philip Knight (Nike-president) makes even more money, it affects my choice.

-The same goes for most highly publicized name brands,

-If I KNOW that the people who manufactured that Ikea table/chair/sofa had to work with acids with no protection gear whatsoever, causing all types of longue diseases after a couple of months and them getting fired, it affects my choice,

-If I buy some Chiquita bananas, KNOWING that a) those bananas got spraid at least 30 times with different insecticides and pesticides and b) Chiquita doesn't even give the farmers the time to leave the plantations, so they get sprayed too, it affects my choice.

-If I know that a party-promoter doesn't pay the artists performing and the people working behind the bar properly, while the tickets are expensive as hell (cos it's the 'hippest' spot) and he's making lots of cash himself, I don't go there anymore (unless I can get my butt on the guestlist ... opportunistic me)

-If I know that a certain restaurant hires immigrants as dishwashers so that they can pay less (the workers can't complain, cos they risk being expulsed when contacting any authority), I don't go there.

There's 1000's of examples like this in all of our lives : candy & photo filmrolls containing gelatin, shampoos being tested on animals, food mixed with waste, ...

What I'm trying to say is : we can blame the big corporations and conglomerates, but if we keep buying these products without expressing any discontent, blaming these firms won't help much, cos the money will keep coming in (and in the end, that's their only concern).

I feel a little helpless and overwhelmed by all this consumption myself from time to time, so I do realise it can be hard. But to me it's like once I know something, I CAN'T act as if I don't.

Now I don't promote highly mediatized 'spectacular' actions, there's plenty of very simple stuff that you can do every day, which still represent a fundamental change in
thinking and acting :

-Letting Nike, Adidas, Chiquita, Ikea,...
know you don't agree with their sweatshop
politics through emails, letters, phonecalls ...

-Not buying products that have been made
under poor conditions (a lot of the tea we
drink has been reeped by Chinese prisoners
who are forced to work for the Chinese
government for free), this means checking the
origin of both product and background of the
company. There's books on this, where you
can find which companies are ok, and which

-Supporting products that have been made
under decent working conditions, such as
African cooperative farmer organisations,
fair trade bananas and coffee.

Now, you might say that it's relatively easy for me to say and do so (cos there's a shop where I live where they provide alternative products). It is true that I can only speak about my own situation, I don't pretend to know enough about where other people live to be able to say something valid.

But at the same time I also go to the regular supermarket, the grocery store, ... so I don't live in a different world. My point is : we as individuals should at least TRY to make a change in our own life, if we want to criticize companies. If we don't we're just an accomplice.

But it's not only about buying the alternative to an existing product, I believe it's also about a change in mentality : you can get Chiquita bananas all year round, if you want the fair trade equivalent, you sometimes have to wait for 6 weeks..., and the packaging might look less 'flashy'.

That's hard for most of us, cos we're used to

a) judging stuff by the way it looks (suppose there's 2 identical pairs of sneakers, one with the Nike swoosh, one without. All of us will pick the swooshed one) and

b) getting INSTANT satisfaction.

But because of this permanent availability of everything, I believe we're very spoiled, we expect everything to be there when WE want it.

In fact, we'd like shops to be open 25/8 (not a typo) ...
"just in case I need something on Monday at 4:45 AM".
We want to be able to eat oranges and pineapples every day of the year, even though it's NOT natural for oranges to grow in February...

It's not completely our fault, cos we were raised in this type of society. Most of our parents worked hard to build it, probably without seeing the possible ethical/spiritual
... But at the same time this doesn't mean that we have to accept it the way it's being 'offered' to us.
And criticizing doesn't necessarily mean in words, but much more through actions.

I already mentioned 'simple stuff', here's more of what I try to do :

. Taking your own plastic bag(s) when you go shopping, or use paper bags,
. Buying drinks in glass bottles (no plastic, no aliminium cans),
. Using shampoo, toothpaste... that hasn't been tested on animals,
. Using cleaning products that are bio-degradable,
. Using cotton handkerchiefs instead of paper ones,
. Never buying those 'mini-snicker family packs' (you buy more packaging than snickers !),
. Buying fresh vegetables and fruit, not canned,
. Not having the tap running while you're brushing your teeth,
. Not having your (central) heating system on when you're not home,
. Keeping rooms that have their heating switched on closed,
. Not using a car for distances less than 5 kilometres (approx. 3 miles) (unless you have to transport a fridge and it's raining, of course hey, I'm not a beast !)
. Switching off the light in the hall when you leave,
. Not defrosting food by putting it in the microwave, but by taking it out the freezer the night before and putting it in the fridge (this way, your fridge will first use the
'cold energy' of the frozen food before using electricity),
. By putting a filled water bottle inside your toilet-reservoir, this means you can flush using less water (make sure there's still enough to flush all the excrements though,
or you'll end up with an 'Angieee doodoo-situation' )
. Switching off your computer screen if you're downloading that 214 MB file with your 28.8 modem
and not doing anything else on your PC,
. Not always having all equipment in your studio switched on,
. Buying second hand if possible,

Not only do you save money this way, but it can also be a start to consume less, to be more aware of our environment and our responsibility as inhabitant of this planet
(dayum, this sounds soooooo Greenpeace-ish , "excuse me while I kiss the whale"-Jimi Hendrix)

I think that's enough for today... I gotta digest a little right now ...

One last thing : I don't want anyone thinking I consider myself special, cos I honestly don't.
There's thousands (who knows, maybe millions ? ) of people doing this, I'm just one of them. I realise I'm not making a big difference, and I'm convinced society/life
won't change the way I'd like it to during my lifetime.

But at least I'll know that I TRIED...



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'We've got to change our own minds about each other. We have to see each other with new eyes. We have to see each other as brothers and sisters. We have to come together with warmth'

24423, RE: Goals
Posted by Steve, Sun May-07-00 06:33 PM
Tooooooo many.

But I can't do shit for the world scooping ice cream.

Maybe I'll donate a quart to the ronald mcdonald fund?

on the real though, I dunno, I just need to get into college I guess


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24424, My goals...
Posted by guest, Sun May-07-00 09:16 PM
Thanks for posting this Angieee, just this past weekend did I figure out some goals I want to set for myself, so hopefully this will make me stick to them...

I want to start focusing more on myself again instead of caring too much about others...
I want to continue making new friends and learning new perspectives...
I want to start meditating again...
I'm planning to volunteer this summer at a community rec. center with kids...
I know I have more, but this is just a start...
take care all
24425, Empowering Young Women
Posted by Hot_Damali, Mon May-08-00 03:13 AM
It's so funny that you mentioned this Ang...I was in the playground with my two little boys on Friday and I see these 3 teenage girls smoking, cursing, and playing dice for money in the playground. They were only about 15 but they looked older and worn out. It was in that moment that I decided that I wanted to start either a summer or afterschool program aimed at empowering young girls between the ages of 11-15. As you know, that's a very crucial period for girls. They begin to develop their sense of self, they're trying to figure out what they believe in, who they can trust, they may start smoking or becoming distant from their parents...they're really suceptible to what boys think of them which then influences the way they act.

I had such a rough time at that age and I think if I had a woman that could have given me some words of wisdom or guided me in some way, my life would have been very different. I wanna give these girls what I didn't get.

I'm going to contact the Board of Education and the Mayor's office in Jersey city to see if a mentoring program like this already exists then I'll take it from there.

Great post Ang!

"you play pool? you like the white cue ball? how dare you! you probably like black eyed peas, dont you? you eat the black part first dont you? DONT YOU?!!? YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!!" - P! to another white okayplayer

"Yes, I am bisexual, I love my black men. There's this feeling that lesbians
hate men, but that's some white lesbian shit! I'm sorry, but the white lesbians went on that
man-hating, 'we want a world with no men shit.' I've always had this joke: nine out of ten
black lesbians concur that every now and then, they need to get poked." - Me'Shell Ndegeocello

24426, yeah!
Posted by gemini, Mon May-08-00 03:28 AM

Somebody kept sayin'
"Don't talk about it, be about it!"

at first it kinda pissed me off, but now that's one of my highest priorities. Less talkin', more doin'. Folks stop listenin' after awhile when you run ya damn mouth so much. But actions speak volumes.

Also, One of my goals is to re-comit myself to writing. Writing articles, poetry, worshop exercises for kids, curriculum for the work i do in schools, alla that.

And promote sisterhood. For real.

This is a great idea!

"Y'all don't believe fat meat greasy!!"-my mama
24427, RE: yeah!
Posted by guest, Mon Jun-05-00 10:08 AM
This is spoken by a true gemini...don't just talk about it Be about it! Action is what I am down for!
To collab e-mail me; Melenna2@hotmail.com

24428, was just thinking about this last night
Posted by 360sunsumyea, Mon May-08-00 05:00 AM
ok, let's see:

my main goal right now is to stop being scared of developing me. "some walk, but never learn to stand still and develop what they feel" -com on time traveling. in the past five years since graduating high school, i have been exposed to and experienced a lot, and now it's time for me to take all that and grow. i am gonna stop arguing w/ people about <fill in the blank> and start being the me that is necessary for the 2G.

that said:

i have to be a better mother to my two beautiful watoto's (children)

i am writing a screenplay based on a modern adaptation of 'two thousand seasons' and 'the healers'

thank you ms. angie for the post and for moving the activist section up!

**********THE SIG**********

i'm a tru pisces tryna flow in the direction of both of these okplayer quotes:

"I m raising a fuckin angelic being who is going to replenish this fuckin earths cuz in 2G all we fuckin do is talk.....im teachin my seed to turn his spirit inside out and spread beams of green light"

"GOd give me the strength to change the things i can, understanding for those i cannot and the muthafuckin heart to stand up for my beliefs and principles, so that when the government that is suppossed to protect me turns against me and my people we will have the means, the might and the muthafuckin gun power to blow away our oppressors
umm amen"

and last but not least:

"all things considered, i'd rather be me"
24429, what i wanna do...
Posted by wbgirl, Mon May-08-00 06:46 AM
i know i got to a point in my life a little while ago where i was like, eff it.

like, dayum near everything in my life was where i wanted/needed it to be...i'd found a new job, had enough money to pay da bills every month and have like 20 cents left over (lol), was speaking to my fam again, had started volunteering again and was crazy in love with both myself and my boyfriend...

but then i realized/remembered that there's always room for improvement. that said:

--i'm gonna write more poetry, instead of just throwing up my old poems on poetry.com

--i'm gonna have fun being me. =-)

--i *will* decrease my debt level, dayumit, even though student loans will once again be my friend when i start grad school in the winter. =P

that's all i can think of now...


"and somehow, it all made sense..."--me

"They can lock up your body, but your mind is yours even if you don't want it."--Walter Mosley


24430, NuShooz, Esquire
Posted by nushooz, Tue May-09-00 10:58 AM
Spring 2003
Objective: To provide quality legal representation to my people in civil rights disputes regardless of the dimes in their pockets or the foe they fight.
I,I, I Can't Wait!
Live from the Law Libray
24431, I only have two goals
Posted by sonyasimone, Wed May-10-00 12:41 PM
1)To follow my heart in all things, too many times I let others decide for me or I go aginst what I feel and know is right for ME.


2)Be a better friend to the people I'm close to. Gotta stop neglecting people. :D

---Hey! Eff YOU! (and you too!):P ---
24432, hmmmmmmm...
Posted by guest, Wed May-10-00 05:59 PM
its 11:34 in the evening, and trying to come up with thoughts as to why...shit, I've got so many goals I can drown in the salty sweat on my forehead caused by the brain-action alone, the grey matter action caused by thinking...about dreams, goals, whatever...

I did the same shit 99.2% of the people who eat Grade A cheese did this past new years, THE NEW MILLINEUM, promise myself I would make changes and chase those childhood dreams that sprouted in my mind ages ago. Good intentions...really tried to make it real in the beginning, but january flew by into april, and now we are in May, my bornday month...dammit, I remember all those dreams I had when I was 18, then 20, then 25....shit by now, I was supposed to be a world famous influential black artist, commanding respect from all who dared enter my creative cipher. I was supposed to be doing my own thing-never wanted to be a multi-millionaire, but just comfortable. Money allows a certain degree of comfort.
I turn around 10 years later, and I see other people doing the do, while I sit on the sideline, knowing in my heart of hearts, that 'mine' is just as tasty as the next mans...'mine' for me is painting/writing.

I want to be an artist.
Let me bring a smile to someone's face after they look at my work. Let me listen to someone try to decipher the meaning of the work, and open a doorway I've never passed thru. Shiiiiiit, you can curse me out and tell me my work is garbage, and if your motives are pure, so be it, but damn, feel me....

Word to the wise,my okayplayer brethren, go with your heart, period.
Don't go thru life in the shadows of your parents desires for your success, if they are not truly your own.
Moma might think you'd make a great genetical engineer, but if you want to be a singer, atleast try it before you concede defeat.You might be a terrible singer and score multi-platinum hits, or your vocals could waft sweetly in the air like Nina Simone but never get any play or recognition or props. But damn, atleast try!!!!!

Think about the creative, beautiful, inspiring minds that you feel here at okayplayer everyday...there are some BAAAAAAAD mofo's in hea, creatively speaking-all of that energy concentrated in one central location in cyberspace at various points and time, linked by a love of something, be it hip hop/Roots/Comm/fire....

Life is too damn short people. My goal might be on the brink of coming true, after several years of disappointments, to gain a Masters in Fine Art and route some of God's arrows thru me to you collectively.

Feel me...someone long ago, either in the dank hull of a slave-carrier, or crouching in the limbs of a Southern cypress tree, saw their life coming to an end, in the physical. Their only solace would be knowing that hopefully one day, their childrens' children would gain the opportunity denied them. Our ancestors, as they walked off those floating concentration camps in chains by the MILLIONS, and fell into the blue sea vowing never to be enslaved, had to envision the possibility of triumph in us. Our future was a gift from them, and it is the ultimate disrespect to them if we don't utilize our creative gifts to their fullest.

People, whatever that goal is, aspire to make it real. Forgive me for preachin, but my grandaddy(bless the dead) just wanted to speak a lil something thru me to you.

Rise up chilluns....rise...

expand yer artistic parameters!

"Picasso sucks...but damn he painted some purty pictures"...me
"I'm surgin up when I'm emergin..." Pharoah Monch
24433, I just wanted...
Posted by BooDaah, Thu May-11-00 04:07 AM
...to cosign on this one.

Funky, my man, your words were beautiful.

Stay Blessed
Help BooDaah STAY the Moderator for the OkayActivism Board....

Fill Angiee's Mailbox full of requests for me (HAHA she'll LOOOOVE THAT!!!)

How's THAT for pandering HMMMM???
24434, RE: hmmmmmmm...
Posted by 360sunsumyea, Thu May-11-00 06:18 AM
>>Feel me...someone long ago, either in
>the dank hull of a
>slave-carrier, or crouching in the
>limbs of a Southern cypress
>tree, saw their life coming
>to an end, in the
>physical. Their only solace would
>be knowing that hopefully one
>day, their childrens' children would
>gain the opportunity denied them.
>Our ancestors, as they walked
>off those floating concentration camps
>in chains by the MILLIONS,
>and fell into the blue
>sea vowing never to be
>enslaved, had to envision the
>possibility of triumph in us.
>Our future was a gift
>from them, and it is
>the ultimate disrespect to them
>if we don't utilize our
>creative gifts to their fullest.
>People, whatever that goal is, aspire
>to make it real. Forgive
>me for preachin, but my
>grandaddy(bless the dead) just wanted
>to speak a lil something
>thru me to you.
>Rise up chilluns....rise...

DAMN! that was really nice. really nice. thank you for those words. to think that i am that stole african's dream deferred.

medasi (thank you) to yo grandaddy and to you for being the vessel.

**********THE SIG**********

i'm a tru pisces tryna flow in the direction of both of these okplayer quotes:

"I m raising a fuckin angelic being who is going to replenish this fuckin earths cuz in 2G all we fuckin do is talk.....im teachin my seed to turn his spirit inside out and spread beams of green light"

"GOd give me the strength to change the things i can, understanding for those i cannot and the muthafuckin heart to stand up for my beliefs and principles, so that when the government that is suppossed to protect me turns against me and my people we will have the means, the might and the muthafuckin gun power to blow away our oppressors
umm amen"

and last but not least:

"all things considered, i'd rather be me"
24435, it is real
Posted by guest, Thu May-11-00 06:47 AM
thanks for the love, but damn, that shit is REAL. Remember that scene from 'Daughters of the Dust', where they are talking about the myth of the 'flying Africans', and they show the image of the wooden African warrior floating down the river?
for whatever reason, that imagery pierced my heart, tears flowing and everything....because when we really get down to it, all the bullshit excuses we give ourselves and others for our lack of success and motivation, can be refuted with that one undeniable truth...

Imagine being locked up in the hull of a Santa Maria-type vessel,packed liked sardines, tied to feces, urine, rats, and the smells of other dead Africans..you KNOW in your heart that you will not survive and don't want to, not as someone' mule' or property, in a land unfamiliar planted with seeds of anti-matter/spiritual indoctrination brought by Christianity-I cannot even fathom the indignity of it all...
but that's why our trade excuses are bullshit-no ones saying that we can make every dream we have come true, but the power of the mind is as infinite as the heavens...atleast try!!!!

I've had the pleasure of seeing Sonia Sanchez 2 times at the National Black Arts Festival in ATL, and sister, you want to talk about ancient spirits manifested??? She will have you ready to slay dragons, destroy the wicked, and rescue Rastas in distress!

Ain't no damn excuse for not trying, atleast not for 'deferred dreamy' brown people.
Let's raise this 'solace' song on UP UP UP!!!

expand yer artistic parameters!

"Picasso sucks...but damn he painted some purty pictures"...me
"I'm surgin up when I'm emergin..." Pharoah Monch
24436, I can't remember who said this but it goes like this...
Posted by guest, Thu May-18-00 05:47 AM
When a youngster asked his elder what it took to be a writer this is the answer he recieved...

If when you wake up and the first thing you think is writing and all through the day up until right before you go to sleep the last thing you think about is writing then... your a writer.

Your words are inspirational bro!

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24437, RE: Goals
Posted by guest, Wed May-10-00 06:08 PM
I am going back to college to get another bachelor's degree, and I am going to work full time as well. Now that is what goals are all about.

No matter if they seem unreachable, you have to have preserverence and determination to make sure you achieve them.

So read that book. Educate yourself, and contribute in every sector of life that you can. Much love and respect to you.:D
24438, my idea
Posted by guest, Wed May-10-00 06:53 PM
I have a ton of goals that I am presently working on accomplishing. What I want to talk about today is about an idea that I have over and over while listening to D'Angelo's VooDoo.He is truly a talented brotha.My 5 year old sits in the backseat trying to sing the background music and the sounds he hears from the instruments he hears in The Atrtist and D's music.He might become a musician. Who knows.I'm sure their are young children especially young brothas that could become as talented as D and the Artist are. The problem is that there aren't any programs where musicians such as D, The Artist,Questlove,and countless others, can help fine tune these gifts that these children possess.We need to start workshops for the young brothas and sistas who use music as their way of expressing themselves. For some children music is a learning tool. Please y'all start a program where you can try to reach these talented young souls.Teach them what you were taught or what you learned on your own with no guidance but perserverance! A child may have dreams but they start to slip away when the truth of this cruel world starts creepin' in.Music can help reach them and give them that confidence in themselves!Think about it. I'm sorry this was soo long.Let's look out for our future!
24439, Elderly
Posted by guest, Tue May-16-00 08:39 AM
Yes, we need to make sure the children of today and tomorrow are on the right path, but we also need to help the elderly. I have visited nursing homes and there are elderly people who have been thrown in these nursing homes to die. Family members do not visit or call. Sometimes when me and my mother go to visit a friend of hers, I always make it a point to stop in other people rooms, just to say hi. They just need to know they are still valued. The elderly feel left out and society does not care. We let the older generations die without realizing all of the widsom and knowledge that goes with them. Especially in the black community. Grannies and Granddaddies have a lot to offer us as young men and women, and we need to take advantage of that.






24440, Black superheroes
Posted by guest, Tue May-16-00 08:47 AM
I want to bring them back- yeah i know Milestone is relaunching in the Fall but while im glad to see Static will be a new cartoon on the WB, Icon never did it for me.

I hope to bring about a new millenium of Black superheroes. I have a few up my sleeve and i want to resurrect a few favorites like Brother Man.

Im started already- the work looks great but it will be a long and arduous project (s).

Wish me luck- and show your love.

24441, To educate
Posted by the2ndsurvivor, Wed May-17-00 02:25 AM
My short-term goal right now is to graduate at the top of my class so I've been trying to work really hard. I don't want to limit my education to my field of study. Majoring in a technical field, I haven't been able to read as much as I like to so I'm working on improving that. I can't teach someone else if I don't have a good knowledge of self.

This summer I'm looking to become more involved in doing community service. I'm hoping to give some help at a local Boys and Girls club and maybe even a local nursing home.

Long-term, I want to develop my own line of personal care products geared towards persons with sensitive skin (like myself), own a bookstore (supporting black literary work, artwork, and music), and start a scholarship fund.

"It ain't about the muscles if you know how to use the knuckles."---my little sister

"Too often, we lose sight of life's simple pleasures. Remember, when
someone annoys you it takes 42 muscles in your face to frown BUT, it only takes
4 muscles to extend your arm and
bitch-slap the fool upside the head..."---anonymous

24442, I wanna do everything.
Posted by the2ndsurvivor, Wed May-17-00 02:28 AM
My short-term goal right now is to graduate at the top of my class so I've been trying to work really hard. I don't want to limit my education to my field of study. Majoring in a technical field, I haven't been able to read as much as I like to so I'm working on improving that. I can't teach someone else if I don't have a good knowledge of self.

This summer I'm looking to become more involved in doing community service. I'm hoping to give some help at a local Boys and Girls club and maybe even a local nursing home.

Long-term, I want to develop my own line of personal care products geared towards persons with sensitive skin (like myself), own a bookstore (supporting black literary work, artwork, and music), and start a scholarship fund.

"It ain't about the muscles if you know how to use the knuckles."---my little sister

"Too often, we lose sight of life's simple pleasures. Remember, when
someone annoys you it takes 42 muscles in your face to frown BUT, it only takes
4 muscles to extend your arm and
bitch-slap the fool upside the head..."---anonymous

24443, I hear you Angieee!!!!
Posted by guest, Thu May-18-00 05:38 AM
On the south side of Dallas their is this multi-cultural center. I've been saying for months that I was gonna go in and volunteer to teach some form of a arts/writing/reading class for kids 7-11 years old. I mean I even went so far as to call the director and ask what would need to be done to get this off the ground. Needless to say I never went back. I can say that me re-reading the story of Malcolm X has re-inspired me and brought up from a time when my thought was generally "What can I do?" Now I am inclined to think "What must I do?" For this I am greatful...

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24444, hey mahogany
Posted by 360sunsumyea, Thu May-18-00 05:45 AM
i did not know you lived in the big D! what multi-cultural center are you talking about? hit up my e-mail and maybe we could get together on the activist tip, or at least exchange about ish going on in dallas on a political/cultural level.


**********THE SIG**********

i'm a tru pisces tryna flow in the direction of both of these okplayer quotes:

"I m raising a fuckin angelic being who is going to replenish this fuckin earths cuz in 2G all we fuckin do is talk.....im teachin my seed to turn his spirit inside out and spread beams of green light"

"GOd give me the strength to change the things i can, understanding for those i cannot and the muthafuckin heart to stand up for my beliefs and principles, so that when the government that is suppossed to protect me turns against me and my people we will have the means, the might and the muthafuckin gun power to blow away our oppressors
umm amen"

and last but not least:

"all things considered, i'd rather be me"
24445, Up. I'm thinking. n/m
Posted by guest, Sat Jun-03-00 05:27 AM
Posted by guest, Sat Jun-03-00 07:09 AM
There was one important thing i learned this semester... there's a difference between a GOAL and a DREAM.

A dream is more like a wish. It's when simply says "i want to do this someday.." or "i'm hoping to ___" (example: "i hope to be married in 5 years from now") I've noticed a few responses that sound like this. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with dreams - i have many myself.

A goal is more like a plan. There are STEPS to a goal. You need to know exactly what steps you will take to reach that goal, then do it.

So, if you have a goal, don't just sit there dreaming about it... sit down and think about how to carry it through, and follow those steps.

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my life is dedicated to change (c) Belly, Nas.

I plan to persue a masters in history and secondary education and enjoy a career working in the worst public school system in the US. I also want to create a cirriculum (sp - picture me teaching your kids :-) ) for an ethnic studies program/class that will be included as a graduation requirement for every public high school. Hopefully this will help raise the conciousness of America's youth and eventually influence some sort if understanding about eveyone's past, so that we can begin to respect one another in the future. The traditional "American History" classes are pathetic and full of lies. somebody's gotta do somethin', looks like it's gonna be me!!!!
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I lost him last week.
I lost him last Thursday.

One of my goals was to help my people who were a little less well off than myself...One of the things they encouraged at Morehouse was to mentor youth. I adopted a little brother Mike 3 years back, who stayed in 'the bottoms'(you know, that ghettohood way down the road where negroes check in and don't check out). He was born with HIV. Mike was 9 years old, a little caramel boy with bright eyes, little buckshot naps and a Koolaid smile...smart as hell, but his school didn't really develop his attributes, cuz hood schools tend to not have enuff books or chairs or pencils or erasers or computers or caring, well-informed teachers or caring, well informed parents for that matter...
Mike knew he was bound for God'hands real soon, and talked about it all the time. I didn't like talking about 'death' or 'dying' or had the courage, cuz shit, I would look in his sparkling hazel eyes and damn near burst into tears...I told him little kids shouldn't be thinking about returning to the essence just yet-kids should be thinking about Power Rangers and 5cent bubble gum and Italian ices and summer vacation and Run, Catch and Kiss...

His daddy died years back, shootin that heron and sharing needles and contracting HIV.
He passed on to his moms thru sex (no protection).
Moms passed it on to Mike-didn't know she had it until 8 months pregnant, and didn't overstand the prevention procedures so lil Mike wouldn't get it.
His moms died this past January.
Mike liked chocolate ice cream and coco bread and pepperpot and sour pickles with a peppermint stick
Mike died last Thursday.
Another Malcolm X gone.
Another Chinua Achebe called to his Maker way too soon.
Another one of my little soldiers is gone.
Yet another piece of my heart of hearts is no more.


My goal is to never take life for granted.
My goal is to praise everyday given to myself, my family, and my friends.
My goal is to to transfer my sadness into my tears, so when they bless the ground,ancient sown seeds will sprout anew.

My goal is to have the courage to mentor again.

expand yer artistic parameters!

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Believe that your kindness and energy was not wasted. I have never had to witness the death of anyone close to me and I pray that I don't have to any time soon. But so often it is only then that we learn to appreciate life.

I am 22 years old and I am coming to realize how precious time is. I'm making a concerted effort to *live* by doing what I want/need to do and not just talk about it. This means that on the daily I acknowledge my blessings (a college degree, my family & friends, being able to walk and breathe on my own, etc.). But what's key is that we share and give of ourselves to keep the positive spirits moving!

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Posted by cynnderela, Tue Jun-06-00 08:49 PM
Goal is a little word and is mad scary.
High school guidance counselors throw it around with impunity. If you don't have them, you might as well grab a shovel and dig your own grave or somethin.
I'm 20 and I have goals. It's about all I got but I got 'em. I wanna be a recording engineer, produce lata. Not Puffy or Timbaland level, but well known enough I don't have to worry about loot or gettin a table at Mr.Chow's.
I wanna have a family, a good family, a lovin one, one better than the one I have. I wanna have a good marriage to a good man (love you Lonnie)
I want to see Africa...go on safari, see beautiful Black people
I want to be my own person - do what I damn well feel
I want to stop being afraid of myself and just be myself for a change
It's slow in coming but I feel I'll do these things and do them well...and live a good life
in the mean time I try to do little things for my fellow man...I comfort m'girls when they sad, I try and help m'moms out, and I do work for Broadway Cares, a theatre AIDS charity. I plant flowers and smile at little kids.
Nobody said i had to be a superwoman to save the planet or make it a better place.
I just got one goal really - to live.
-miss cynn