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Topic subjectTruthfully Im torn...
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24393, Truthfully Im torn...
Posted by guest, Wed Jun-07-00 08:58 AM
Ive seen the results of kids who go through the public school system good and bad. To me its about the parental involvement in the child's education. Im a product of the public school system and my mom was VERY involved with my education. Many parents today that complain about the public school system dont even check their children's homework! Its about personal responsibility and being involved. You cant complain if you havent done anything to try to fix the problem.

On the other hand, I feel that maybe the voucher program can give low-income families an option that they never had. The lure of private, parochial and charter schools is strong with their small pupil to teacher ratio, flexibility and academic standards. The vouchers maybe good for some children and not for others, but I think dialouge needs to be had on the subject.

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