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24389, Total Commitment
Posted by delsbrothergeorge, Tue Jun-06-00 07:01 PM
Vouchers or not, the problem with the public school system is half-assedness. Period.

I like the idea of vouchers if it is intended to serve the least among us. In Cali, we're voting on a bill in November (Draper Voucher Initiative) that proposes that all kids be entitled to $4,000 a year to pursue the education of their choice. Problem is that rich, poor and middle class alike get that money. I know middle class and upper class folks hate the idea of their tax dollars going to support the poor, but if they really want a country where "liberty and justice for all" prevails, then the only option is to do everything possible to educate ALL of the populace. I guess I'm in favor of tiered socialism for public education (if that s something that can be said).

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