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24388, No!
Posted by Vet, Tue Jun-06-00 11:16 AM
okay say you have 45 seats in pub school okay, and 25 in private okay... well what happens when you try to put 45 people in 25 seats. it doesn't happen. the key is to vastly improve the places that are jacked up. my 2cents.

June... Reunion Quotes

'Vet I don't know why people think you're mean, you really are sweet.' - Poetisa

"my fam is worldwide" - me

to hak "you better keep little weasel put away" - me

"Vet give me head before we go." - Phoul

Quotes begin here------

Cracker-ass frog!
(The brown toad to the green frog)- You see, my brotha, those white froggy-devils got us bamboozled and hoodwinked. Those white-devils have been deceiving amphibians since we were the kings of the ponds. THey always taking our flies from us. Sure, they may have us thinking they are saying "ribbit", but under their breath, they are really saying "niggit,....niggit." - WISE

"its all love with me.....stop the estrogenly charged bull shit and elevate sistahs" - nebbie

okay im nice to ya
im nice to ya cuz nobody else is
that doesnt mean i wantcha panties people! - Goldenwon (see u made it)

For Official Reunion INFO

my fam is worldwide - Vet (on the drive home from the (re)union)


It's alright because it's all about pieces of paper with numbers printed front and back /But the most valuable paper to me is my notebook and nigga I got stacks and stacks - Spread

(in response to would u give one of your favorite artist head)
HELL NAW...for one thing just cause they're famous doesn't mean they're clean and I'm not about to drink some AIDS juice just to say I gave a star some head. Ya-Ya

a wise man once said/an eye for an eye/leaves everybody blind/iíve always listened/but today iíve grown deaf/eye for an i/i/am preparing to go to war/but i canít see to find my sword - incogx

But what kind of genetically engineered cyborg are you to remember what you were doing at age 1?!? - Ornery

skidmarks. they're not just for underwear anymore. - crash bandicoot

'i feel you like, tomaz zamot ya know' - donwill

yardicus: hey don't laugh! I can rock the hell out a miniskirt and some "hooker heels..."

just think/just think/ what if you could just/just blink your tag - Black Thought HOB 99

bAttlin me is like some KEDS tryna mess wit NEW BALANCES.. -Sporatic

dick hed mcs, wit dem flacid, phalic soundin subjects- one of those jail urine roach xylophone nukkas (jurx-donwill)