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Posted by guest, Tue Jun-06-00 07:40 AM
I am a parent of a 5 year old son. He will start kindergarten this fall. We live across the street from the public school he would have attended. Let me tell you why he's not going there.
1. During the day you can here the PA system on the block, the principal sounds very ghetto.
2. The children he plays with on the block attend the school they are older than my son, yet he knows his abc's , numbers, colors, how to write, add ,subtract and read the don't. These children range from age 6 - 8 they should know as much as he does and then some. My son would be bored and unmotivated, because he would be ahead of all the other children.
3. The school district of Philadelphia has a $30,000,000.00 deficit to deal with. Art and music
programs will be cut.
4. The book situation is horrible. Most of the text books are outdated.
5. Bad ass little kids. Last month a 7 y.o was dropped from a third floor window and shattered both of his legs.
6. I can go on, but I think this enough for me.