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Topic subjectYes and no for reason....
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24385, Yes and no for reason....
Posted by colourboy, Sun Jun-04-00 12:07 PM
Because well I live in Baltimore and I think the voucher would be a very good decision because in alot I mean the vast majority of these schools aren't teaching shit but what we could learn out on the strip. But at the same time I think Public schools can be waaaaaaaaayyyyyy much better than what they are. I will admit the elemantry schools here are very good here. But when u step into middle school and High school it just seem like we are livin off material that my mom took back in school and that was 18 years ago or more. I mean if public schools started to get better curriculum lesson plans to teach the students, then public schools would be the first choice for everyone. But don't run from the problem and take the first offer. Fight for a change and don't give up. But if you do that and u feel as though a voucher is necessary than more power to it.

Everywhere. colourboy