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Topic subjectSchool Vouchers-No
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24384, School Vouchers-No
Posted by guest, Sat Jun-03-00 04:18 PM
Why? Let's take the state where I live--NY. In the city the per pupil spending by the city is approximately $6,700--this does not include the "extras" that the school district will receive--per child--if a majority of the kids in the school qualify for: school b'fast/lunch (more $)or if the child is designated as spec. ed (more $), and theres more extras. What's the problem with vouchers? You best believe the city offering the voucher isn't giving the parent a voucher for $6,700 (or greater). In NYC many parents have quickly taken their children out of private/parochial schools and placed them back in public schools b/c the city has given parents vouchers for like $3,500. That means if a child's private school tuition is $7,000 per year, and the parent has a $3,500 voucher--do the math, the parent foots the rest of the bill. From the school district's perspective, they've gotten a child out of their school system, and they've only given a PORTION of the dollars that they receive from the parent. For them its a win-win situation. For parents--its completely a losing situation.