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Topic subjectVouchers are a joke
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24382, Vouchers are a joke
Posted by nappiness, Fri Jun-02-00 11:40 AM
-Let's not assume that private is better b/c from the kids I work with, ain't a hellava lot of difference.
-I think that difference with many children comes in with parental (or some other adult) intervention. Does the parent play an active role in the child's education?
-The private system is just as jacked up but we don't have to go that far to compare, let's compare public schools in different neighborhoods. let's look at a public school in the innercity or urban area vs. school in affluent areas. The latter is better. Or magnet schools vs. general study schools.
-B/c I am anti- Brown vs. Board of Education I see vouchers as another slap in the face and means to band-aid the public school problem.
-There was never a "desegregation" plan implemented by the government to desegregate school. Furtheremore, the court deciding that seperate could never be equal it was an insult implying that Black people couldn't educate our own kids and that we needed to be in the presence of a white child to attain quality education. That is some bullshit!!!!!!!
-Let's deal with the problems and revolutionize Public Schools and stop putting these bandages on them. Vouchers are a joke as well charter schools. It's not ha ha funny but it is still a joke because it ain't reinventing the system just a means to quiet those that complain and bitch and once again we've taken the bait.
-Question do you think private agencies would be more dedicated to our children or would it be some type of marketing ploy?
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