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Topic subjectSchool Vouchers: Yes or No?
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24380, School Vouchers: Yes or No?
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-02-00 07:02 AM
I was reading the City Paper (free weekly paper in Philadelphia) and they had an article about the NAACP's lack of support of the school voucher program. From what I understand, the voucher program provides grants for children (from mostly low-income households) to attend private, parochial or charter schools. The parents would decide which school that child would attend. The article reports that many African-American families strongly support the voucher program because it would give them the choice in where their child is being educated. According to the article, the NAACP doesnt support the program because it would take resources away from those children (who would be left in the public school system) who could not participate in the voucher program.

What is your opinion on this subject? Would you support a school voucher program?

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