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Posted by guest, Wed Jun-14-00 03:48 AM
there has to be a starting point.i think we believe that to be afrika.where we all ended up does not deny where we began.

you have parents,uncles,brothers,sisters,cousins, who all share the same blood and name.if one of these people leaves and starts a family on the other side of the world,arent they still apart of that original family.
we are an extension of africa.black americans do have their/our own cultural that is a mix of africa and america.
african american is just a label to stereotype.
imagine i fill out an appication and i state that i'm african.the employer will probably definitely think i'm from senegal or somethin.and whatever images he associates with africa,he will have in his mind.
if i state i'm african american,then he knows i'm from america and AGAIN,he'll associate what he knows about black folks to his preconceived opinions.

a lost tribe who have adapted


"and even after all my logic and my theories,I add a mothaf*cka so you ig'nant niggaz hear me"-L BOOGIE

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"A community that shares a COMMON set of human experiences over a peroid of time constitutes a "TRIBE"- Na'im Akbar