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Topic subjectwhy african over african american
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23891, why african over african american
Posted by guest, Tue Jun-13-00 01:03 PM
This topic Has been an issue at my school for all four years that I attended. I personally bellieve that we should call ourselves African for many resaons My first resaon is the old willie lynch divide and conquer method if we see ourselves as african american afro brazilian Carribean and etc we will never gather the masses of african people diplaced across the globe to become a powerhouse in the world. we will be considered an minority forever. second to me the name american is a nationality not a race or ethnic group. My spirit is an African one while my nationalty is american
even in the countries of Africa they should consider themselves African before nigerian namibian or whatever. these countries where not made in our best interest. how would african namibian sound third every ethnic group in america has a land base to claim to gather power and pride. Africa is the only logic place to do so. thank for reading my long passege