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Topic subjectRE: African vs./or African American
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23874, RE: African vs./or African American
Posted by odu, Fri Jun-09-00 06:13 AM
>Truthfully NuShooz, the African American experience,
>with regards to how it
>is perceived in Africa, for
>all intent purposes is non
>- existent ( kinda like
>Americans saying ' I did
>not know there were Black
>people in London)

Another untruth. SOME Africans may not be sensitive to the situation in the diaspora, but that is by no means a complete picture. Where are you from?

>This divide and I am sure
>you will agree is multifactorial;
>simply Africa itself is too
>vast and too complex.
>History, in particular has been
>taught haphazardly; in part due
>to the 'denial philosophy,' but
>also in an insane quest
>to catch up with the
>very cultures that they despise.

Just like colonized people everywhere. Again, this does not describe everybody.
> In fact African history took
>a back seat; for example
>in West Africa; what replaced
>this was references to England,
>via Shakespeare or Owell for
>example. And if you
>were unfortunate to fall under
>the French territory you were
>equally pumped with the French
>rhetoric. (Do not get me
>wrong both history and literature
>has its important place regardless
>of what sphere they come
>from) What is disheartening
>is the denial of one's
>own history: that is what
>I meant by a serious

Actually, it was much worse in the Francophone territories. And it was never a complete "blackout" of local history. Annual religious, social, coronation and fertility festivals went on largely undisturbed. You can still see them to this day.

>Funny enough after all has been
>said and done the reality
>is that most Africans today
>in Africa are only exposed
>to American culture (Black) via
>television - and we all
>know how much of a
>head - fuck television can

No doubt. There's not exactly freedom of travel from most West African countries to the US or the UK. People who are coming from the continent are usually trying to hustle a buck; they're not interested in learning about YOUR pain and suffering when they've got their own immediate troubles. But there's enough cross-cultural communication that heads in Senegal sport Tupac t-shirts and rap in Wolof to traditional beats. The situation ain't that bleak, bruh.